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10 Inch Knife10 Inch Knife
Fans of "Psycho" will love this! A beautiful woman is viciously attacked in the shower. The blood streams down her smooth skin as the knife plunges again and again.
In the year 2087, all supplies of food and energy have become extremely scarce, especially food. In order to reduce consumption of dwindling resources, the world government has officially encouraged and subsidized voluntary suicide, including the payment of large bonuses to the families of volunteers. This is one woman's story. She chooses the popular "Death By Orgasm" option. Since nothing is wasted in this grim future, her body can be of use even after death, so her fresh corpse is transported to the food processing plant.
A Beautiful Day To DieA Beautiful Day To Die
A beautiful flower child gathers arts & crafts material in the woods, as a bow hunter prepares to gather her. He fells her with an arrow and taunts her as she slowly expires (nice long death scene here). The hunter strips her as she gasps her final breaths. He carries the corpse to the processing plant, where she is hung up to cure, prepped, then skewered & roasted over an open flame.
A Few More DollarsA Few More Dollars
A hooker negotiates her price, then tries to jack up the price just before showtime. The angry consumer decides to strangle her to death instead. He dumps her body in the woods. Cut to the morgue, where the medical examiner pores over the body.
A Lonely Death (Death by Smoking)A Lonely Death (Death by Smoking)
A woman sits alone, smoking and drinking and lost in her thoughts, until she is accosted by a mysterious and peeved man who is very upset with our girl. She tries to use her feminine wiles to get out of the jam, but to no avail. Several well placed shots to her luscious body convey the depths of his disappointment in her. Bonus scenes and out-takes follow the feature.
A Necktie For AshleyA Necktie For Ashley

Ashley has just moved into her new apartment and she really loves it. As she is preparing for bed on the first night, she receives two phone calls from friends warning her that a serial killer, The Necktie Strangler, has been active in her neighborhood. She's concerned, but has her door securely locked. But, the strangler is experienced at picking locks. Soon after Ashley is sleeping, the killer enters. She begs and pleads for her life, but he has the mercy of a snake. First she is choked out, and while unconscious is stripped naked. As she begins to come too, the strangler has the tie around her soft, white neck. She begs again to be spared, but he pulls the cruel ligature tighter and tighter. She struggles but to no use. After a long strangling, her body finally gives it up and she lies nude and limp on her bed. The killer fondles and poses her body before leaving her for the CSI team.

A Vampire TaleA Vampire Tale
A couple on their way to a Halloween party encounter a mysterious coffin. The boyfriend goes for help, leaving the girlfriend alone with the eerie box. The girl's curiosity gets the better of her and she opens it. Within lies a sensuous, busty vampire who mesmerizes the girl and turns her into a midnight snack. What evil will the boyfriend encounter when he returns?
Act of PersuasionAct of Persuasion
A prisoner is interrogated about his colleagues. When he refuses to talk, his wife is kidnapped and brought in and stripped in his presence. When he still refuses to cooperate, they progressively shoot her until she is finally killed before his eyes. She is then dumped into an unmarked grave.
After a satisfying session of lesbian lovin', one girl takes a nap while the other hits the showers. As she enjoys the hot water flowing down her naked body, a mad killer steps into the shower and brutally strangles her to death. Great struggle in this one! He drags the soaking wet corpse down the stairs to where her partner sleeps, blissfully unaware. Quickly, the strangler's garotte closes around her neck, too. She thrashes and gags until she falls still. Her partner's body is dragged up onto the bed and the naked corpses are posed and left to be discovered.
All Witches Must HangAll Witches Must Hang

To the beautiful Brooke it's just another day...... until she steps out of the shower and looks at her mirror. "All Witches Must Hang" is written in lipstick. Did her BF play a sick joke on her. Finally she heads for bed and sleeps restlessly. Then she suddenly awakens from a horrible dream. She dials up her GF and while talking, feels something in the bed with her. A hangman's noose, cut off about 18" from the knot. As she holds the noose, a blinding flash and she is time warped back into 1684. She awakens in a cell, sleeping on a straw mattress. Soon, her captors enter; Brother Ezekial and Brother Jobe. The soon discover a tattoo behind her left ear, which to them is the sign of the devil and proof that she is a witch. She is kept in her cell overnight, then the Brothers return in the morning and her clothes are ripped off her body and her hands bound behind her back. She is led to the gibbet where her hooded executioner awaits. She is hanged until all her body twists slowly twists back and forth on the rope. Then she is cut down and carried to her burial site...

An Embezzler is HangedAn Embezzler is Hanged

Angelina (Ashley Lane) worked for a big corporation. The temptation to embezzle was too great, even though she knew what happened to embezzlers. But, the henchman for her employer tracks her down. She is chloroformed, stripped naked, and taken to a gibbet deep in the woods where she is noosed and forced to stand on a stool. Soon, she is swinging, kicking, spasming, drooling and ultimately dead. After her bladder releases, her body is cut down and taken to an even more remote area where it is left for the coyotes and ravens to dispose of.

Arrows for Hikers - Hunt 2012Arrows for Hikers - Hunt 2012
It's an all new HUNT! A nature photographer and a botanist meet their pointy ends courtesy of an ambitious doe hunter. The girls' cooling corpses are stripped and carried off to his camp ground to be hung up, gutted and dried for later processing. Bonus scenes & previews follow the feature.
Bad BossBad Boss
An employee gets reamed by his gorgeous but excitable boss. He doesn't take the criticism well, as evidenced by the gun he whips out and uses to plug her in the tits. As she gasps her final breaths, he drills her once more, just for the hell of it. Her dead body drapes across her office chair as the killer employee cuts off her clothes and moves her body to a nearby table. He pauses for a brief lunch break before storing her body in a freezer. If you like sheer panty hose and a hot girl wearing glasses, this is for you!
Beaver HuntBeaver Hunt
A couple of hillbilly hunters decide to spice up their day by hunting some unsuspecting girls who have the misfortune of camping nearby. A volley of bullets into their campfire spreads the targets out nicely. One by one, the boys hunt down each girl, pump them full of lead and take their panties for trophies. The day winds up with a nice body pile. Bloody good!
Bed and Bath (Roommates 2008)Bed and Bath (Roommates 2008)
A murderous intruder strangles two women as they repose in both bed and bath.
A young woman plans to take a dirty candidate's illegal secrets public, but in politics, the walls have ears. The candidate hears of her plans and dispatches a hitman to dispatch the girl. Several well placed bullets do the job. Her corpse is stripped and wrapped in plastic for disposal. BONUS: Alternate shooting scenes follow the feature!
Blackmailing A KillerBlackmailing A Killer

Mr Schmidt has hired a new bookkeeper to replace the one killed by the Necktie Strangler. The new bookkeeper discovers that the previous bookkeeper was embezzling from the company and suspects that Schmidt is the Neck Tie Strangler. She decides to cash in on what she knows. So, she calls and asks him to bring over the cash; she decides to seduce him as well and dresses in the sexy little black babydoll nightie. The plan doesn't work out so well for Tessa. Schmidt brings the money and as she counts the bills, the neck tie is slipped around her neck. In the end, she lies dead, naked and sprawled out on her bed.

Blood MoneyBlood Money

Four bad girls meet up to split their illegal stash. Not trusting each other, they all strip to show that they aren't "hiding anything". Of course, there is no honor among thieves, and soon the bullets are flying. Hot lead pounds into naked flesh. When the shooting is done, four naked corpses litter the floor and nobody is left to claim the blood money.

Bloodthirsty MasterBloodthirsty Master

At the end of a hard day on a business trip, Solara is ready for a shower and some sleep. She strips and walks into the shower. But, a hooded intruder enters and injects her with a sedative. After Solara collapses, the intruder carries her to the bed and dresses her in a sacred gown. Then he carries her to his truck, and then he carries her to his lair. It is time her body and soul are made into an offering to a bloodthirsty master.

She is secured to a table, spread eagled when the priest enters. He plunges the obsidian sacrificial knive in between her ribs, and pulls out her beating heart. Solara quivers, jerks ans spasms as she dies, while the priest is holding her beating heart up as a sacrifice. After her naked body stops its spasms, she is carried by the priest and placed on a sacred rock in the forest where she is left for the deity.

Brides of the MonkBrides of the Monk

A beautiful woman is haunted by nightmares of a killer monk. When the fiend of her dreams shows up in person at her door, she is frightened into unconsciousness. The helpless girl is stripped and carried off to the monk's lair, where she is tormented and strangled to death. Her body is placed in a specially prepared coffin. When the girl's friend shows up looking for her, she is also captured by the monk. For variety, he takes this girl to the noose.

A hard case cocaine addict is crashing because her fix is long overdue. With her judgement impaired, she decides to snort all that's left of her stash. It proves to be too much and she goes into convulsions. Her dealer discovers the body. It's too late to help her, so he does the only thing left to do... he plays with her limp body for a while.
Case of The Violated BabysitterCase of The Violated Babysitter

Liv is being driven home after babysitting. But, the driver takes a strange route. She is forced to get out of the car and strip and the evil driver forces her to submit to his carnal desires. She tells him he'll be in jail in an hour after he takes her home. Simple fix - strangle her and don't take her home. Her body is dumped in the forest where it is found by a hiker. The Medical Examiner places her in a body bag and then we see her in the morgue on the autopsy table. There are flash backs to her final horrid moments as the examiner describes the findings on the beautiful young woman's body. Finally, the sheet is pulled over her head.

At the end of the 18th century, a boatload of mail order brides bound from San Francisco to Australia shipwrecked on an uncharted island. Their descendants have survived as amazons and have multiplied over the century. Over 100 years later a group of American sailors are shipwrecked in a storm and wash up on the shore of that island.

The amazons have split into two tribes, one peaceful, loving and gentle; the other cruel, heartless, and cannibalistic. After one of the female sailors is killed, butchered and roasted by the cannibals, one of the other survivors reports the horrific scene and an battle to rid the island of the evil tribe is planned. Amazons and cannibals alike drop like flies in the fierce fighting. In the aftermath of the battle, the nude to nearly nude bodies of those killed are strewn about the battlefield. One sailor and three of the women survive to re-populate the island.
Cat BurglarCat Burglar
A beautiful cat burglar is caught in the act. She tries to bargain her way out of her situation using her assets, but he has other plans. He knocks her out, strips her and drags her to the tub. He awakens her just long enough for her to realize she's in deep shit. He then shoves her into the water and drowns her. He drains the tub and drapes the body over the side to drip dry.
Charlie (both parts)Charlie (both parts)
A beautiful girl decides to spend the night at home, alone, despite warnings from her mother that a mad serial killer is on the loose. She orders some delivery food, but the only thing that arrives ... is death ... in the form of the ski masked murderer. Charlie chokes the girl unconscious and strips her. He waits until she awakens, then strangles the girl to death. The killer calls the girl's mother and brags about what he has just done.

Upset by what she thinks is a prank call, the mother complains to a friend on the phone. Meanwhile, the killer has made his way to her apartment. He sneaks up behind her and strangles her unconscious with one of her nylon stockings. He drags her busty body to a couch and strangles her to death when she awakens.
CharlieCharlie's Reunion
Two lovely friends meet in a hotel room to reminisce and make subtle digs at each other. As one naps and the other enjoys a hot bath, Charlie joins the reunion. He's brought the wine ... and some nylons for strangling. He strangles the napping girl to death, then poses her body for a bit as her friend soaks obliviously in the next room. Once he has satisfied himself with the first kill, he heads for the bathroom. He attacks the second girl and leaves her dead body cooling in the stale bath water.
Cheating The HangmanCheating The Hangman
Justice comes swift and final in Bushwhack County. A young woman is due for the rope to pay for her infraction. Determined not to give the authorities the satisfaction of ending her life, she decides to go the "do it yourself" route. She hangs herself in the cell, using a makeshift noose put together with pieces of clothing. That'll teach 'em!
Checkout Time - Better HalfCheckout Time - Better Half
A young, nearly naked, woman relaxes in her hotel room while her husband is out with friends during a reunion trip. A mysterious knock on the door causes her to investigate, allowing an unseen entity into the room. The creature violently attacks the girl. The assault causes her to be sick, spewing slimy maggots into the sink. In a panic, she attempts to call for help, but the creature isn't finished with her. As she writhes in agony on the floor with something vile growing inside her, the attack resumes. The girl is hacked in half. Her lovely pieces end up on the medical examiner's table. He realizes that this girl isn't the first to die in that evil hotel room. To be continued...
Checkout Time - The Head of Karen PopeCheckout Time - The Head of Karen Pope
A deadly entity continues to stalk the guests at the Oaklawn Motel. This time, an ambitious young sales woman prepares to relax on the evening before her big meeting. As she draws her bath, something inches up behind her. She is struck and knocked unconscious. Her naked body is dragged into the bathroom and dumped into the tub, where her head is then scythed from her twitching body.
Checkout Time - TiffanyCheckout Time - Tiffany's Last Trick
A young woman is preparing for her "date" when strange things begin to happen. Blood appears from nowhere and a killing claw strikes at the helpless girl. The claw tears at her tender flesh until another corpse is supplied to the baffled coroner.
Cheerleader Jihad 2013Cheerleader Jihad 2013

A group of unfortunate pom-pom girls runs afoul of the murderous Cheerleader Jihadists, who are determined to wipe out the miniskirted lovelies wherever they may be found. The girls are forced to strip at gunpoint, then led to a killing area where they are ruthlessly gunned down and stacked in a corner. Their bodies are then transported by flatbed to the burial ground.

Mr Unum has had bad luck with a computer repair place. His computer is still, not fixed after several trips to the repair shop. He has paid a substantial deposit and the un-cooperative, disinterested clerk will not even allow him to take his own computer home. She orders him out of the store because it's her break time. Shortly thereafter, Ivy is paid a visit by a masked intruder who strangles her, strips her, and stuffs her nude body in a drink cooler, and then leaves with a computer.
Cleaner 2Cleaner 2
Women just refuse to learn that it is not a good idea to double-cross Mr. Puglio. As Maria, The Cleaner, guts & cleans Puglio's cheating "ex"-girlfriend, plans are already underway to dispose of another threat to Puglio's crime enterprise. His private secretary. As the beautiful traitor gloats to herself over the incriminating evidence she has accumulated, Puglio's executioner sneaks up behind her and draws the garotte tightly around her lovely neck. After the struggles of the brutal strangling subside, The Cleaner is ready to claim another prize for her customers who enjoy the taste of fresh girl meat. Unfortunately, The Cleaner's business is about to hit a bad patch. Puglio has decided to take the cleaning business for himself. As The Cleaner preps the fresh body, she is tazered unconscious and strung up by one leg. Her throat is slit and she is left to dangle and bleed out. Now, it is The Cleaner's turn to be "cleaned".
The beautiful sniper known as "Cobra" has the tables turned on her when she falls into the cross hairs of her traitorous partner. It takes a lot of lead to snuff Cobra out, but she finally lies twitching as she breathes her last.
Cold Blooded KillerCold Blooded Killer
A young woman wants no part in her shady boyfriend's drug dealing business. She plans to end it with him. Unfortunately, he has similar plans for her. Both she and her unsuspecting roommate are targeted for termination as the baddie ties up his loose ends. They are shot, stripped and piled in the tub to await later disposal. A nice, long stalking/shooting chase sequence through the house is featured!
Cop KillerCop Killer
A beautiful cop, investigating a sex murder, is ambushed by the killer. Her cold body ends up sharing the same autopsy table as the victim.
A belligerent prisoner gets the drop on her unsuspecting guard, forcing her to submit to the same humiliating strip search she had just endured. Moments after she silences the cop with a few well-placed bullets, another officer comes upon the scene and guns down the cop killer. Both the criminal and the cop end up on the medical examiner's cold steel table. Outtakes follow the feature!
CounterTerrorOPerationS (CTOPS) - Spoiling the PartyCounterTerrorOPerationS (CTOPS) - Spoiling the Party
Two beautiful, but deadly, terrorists plan to disrupt a major charity event with a bloody massacre. But, CTOPS is on the case. The CTOPS agent intercepts the terrorists at their hotel room. They attempt to distract him with their "assets", but he's there to do business. He dispatches each agent with well-placed bullets to their girly parts. Head shots finish them off and the bodies are set up so the murders look like a run-of-the-mill sex crime.
Crime Scene / Morgue - MarinaCrime Scene / Morgue - Marina
A beautiful young female body lays in full rigor. The camera scans her from head to toe as flashbacks indicate how she came to such a gruesome fate. We catch up with the lovely corpse again as the morgue attendant uncovers the body, admires it for a few minutes, then sets about his task of straightening the contorted limbs and preparing her for the medical examiner.
Crime Scene/Morgue - JulietteCrime Scene/Morgue - Juliette
A hillbilly looking for moonshine stumbles across a naked female corpse in the dead of night. We then revisit the body in the cold, hard light of day as a forensics team investigates the crime scene. The body is transferred to the morgue for a more thorough examination.
Crime Scene/Morgue--TriciaCrime Scene/Morgue--Tricia
We follow another lovely young corpse from a rural crime scene investigation to the city morgue examination.
Crossbow II - Meat HuntersCrossbow II - Meat Hunters
Unsuspecting women enjoying the wild beauty of the forest become prey in a deadly hunt for fresh female meat. One by one, they fall to the cold steel of the crossbow shaft. Their corpses are transported to a prep building, where they are hung up to await the meat buyer. Nearly 50 minutes of exciting crossbow action, hot women, cool carries and bodies hanging!
Crossbow III - Fresh MeatCrossbow III - Fresh Meat
The crossbow hunters are on the prowl again! Among their victims this time, two lovely young ladies with car trouble and an unsuspecting bird watcher. Some groovy upskirt shots, strangling, throat slicing, carrying, hanging meat, the girl-grill and hard-hitting crossbow action make this one a must-have!
CTOPS - Access CodeCTOPS - Access Code
A spy must infiltrate a group of deadly (and mostly naked) terrorist women. His mission... find the access code, infect their network with a virus and eliminate the terrorists.
CTOPS - Doomsday AssassinationCTOPS - Doomsday Assassination
The beautiful, but evil, women of CHAOS are plotting their revenge against the CTOPS agent who nearly destroyed their organization - and buried many of their top operatives. They send an assassin to eliminate the threat once and for all... but Agent 770 is not easily killed. He dispatches the baddies in true CTOPS fashion, plugging the assassin with a few well-placed bullets and strangling the "cleaner" with her own hair. CHAOS will not be happy about this. Having dispatched both his intended assasin and the "cleaner" sent to dispose of his remains, agent 770 now sets his sights on the new CHAOS leader who sanctioned the hit. First, he must take out her guard. It's going to be another busy day for agent 770.
CTOPS - Doomsday Assassination (Part 2)CTOPS - Doomsday Assassination (Part 2)
Having dispatched both his intended assasin and the "cleaner" sent to dispose of his remains, agent 770 now sets his sights on the new CHAOS leader who sanctioned the hit. First, he must take out her guard. It's going to be another busy day for agent 770.
Dance of Death - Kim DanielsDance of Death - Kim Daniels
Bushwhack County is a rather conservative place. Poor Kim doesn't know this when she strides through town flaunting too much cleavage. That's Indecent Exposure in the Hangin' Judge's book. He throws that book at the hapless girl and the sentence is consistent with the punishment for all lovely lawbreakers in his county... death by hanging.
Dangerous GameDangerous Game
Another girl-hunting epic from the folks who know how to do it right! A group of man hating women sharp shooters challenge Hank's hunters to a "winner take all" contest. The groups will hunt each other! The winners get the acreage and the losers ... get eaten for dinner! Both groups take to the woods and, one by one, the unfortunate girls fall to the hunters' weapons and their own tactical errors. Their cooling, naked bodies are stacked in the back of Hank's pickup truck and hauled off to the camp. Finally, the girl meat is hung, gutted and prepped for the spit.
Dead BaggageDead Baggage
A young, unsuspecting woman answers her door, only to be pushed roughly inside by an intruder. The girl is strangled to death, disrobed and stuffed into a suitcase.
Dead EndDead End
When a beautiful reporter goes searching in the deep woods for a meth lab, she becomes the story. She is kidnapped by a Russian femme fatale, stripped and taken to an isolated area where she is tormented, then hanged to death. Her body is hung upside down while the Russian and her accomplice take pictures to send back to the newspaper as a warning. When they are through, the reporter's body is loaded into a tractor and removed for burial. Some time later, the girl's body ends up on the medical examiner's table, where she is cleaned and examined for evidence.
Dead in the WaterDead in the Water
A beautiful woman lounges in a hot tub enjoying a glass of champagne. Totally relaxed, she drifts off to sleep. Meanwhile, a stranger watches from the shadows. He approaches the sleeping girl and begins to enjoy her damp, naked body. He grabs her feet and slowly pulls her under the water. Startled, she thrashes wildly, until her lungs fill with water. He drags her dripping body from the tub and carries her to the bedroom, where he resumes his head-to-toe exploration.
(note: DVD version contains additional hot simulated sex scene.)
Deadly DartsDeadly Darts
All the nearly naked young woman needs to do is elude the hunter for one hour. Although given a head-start, he soon catches up with her. One by one, the drug-tipped darts slam into the soft flesh of her exposed ass cheek. With each hit, she slows down more, as the drug surges through her system. Finally, she lays unconscious at the hunter's feet. He carries her to a convenient spot and begins to enjoy the rewards of his catch. Now stripped naked, she awakens and makes a run for it. Another dart pierces her flesh as she attempts to climb a tree to evade the hunter's grasp. But, as the drug knocks her out once more, she plummets to the ground, breaking her neck. Not wanting to waste his catch, he strings her up and guts her in preparation for that night's dinner.
Deadly Holmes (Case 2)Deadly Holmes (Case 2)
Holmes uses his psychic abilities as he probes into the discovery of a beautiful naked corpse. He senses the terrified girl pulling frantically at the ties which bind her to the bed as the killer slowly approaches. The knife plunges and the girl wheezes her final breaths. He observes through his mind's eye as the killer carries her body to a wheel barrow, then transports her cooling corpse to the field where she was found. This one is bloody!
Deadly Holmes IDeadly Holmes I
Peek over his shoulder as our psychic detective unravels the mystery surrounding the nearly naked corpse of a young woman. As Holmes examines the body, we flash back to her brutal strangling at the hands of a monkey-faced murderer.
Death By Role PlayDeath By Role Play
A beautiful young woman's cyber world clashes violently with the real world when she makes the fateful decision to meet the man with whom she has been playing on-line death wish games. She believes their rendezvous is pretend, but the bullets that pierce her soft skin are all too real.
Death On DeliveryDeath On Delivery
A deranged delivery man tries hard to control his homicidal urges, but it's a losing battle. He strangles a pretty customer unconscious several times as he plays with her body. Then, he drags her into the bedroom where he finishes the job. Alternate scenes and outtakes follow the credits!
Deck Party MassacreDeck Party Massacre
A mob boss has had enough of his over-spending wife and her leaching friends. He dispatches two of his hit men to eliminate the problem. The girls are caught by surprise on the deck, in the hot tub and even in each other's arms. One by one, they are gunned down. Blood flows across the deck of the expensive lakeside mansion and turns the hot tub water red as the society girls gasp their final breaths. Finally, the wife is taken for a ride into the deep woods, where she is garroted, stripped and left to be "missed" later by the grieving husband. Some wild shootings in this one!
Desert StakeoutDesert Stakeout
A young woman crosses a crime boss and pays dearly for her transgression. She is led at gunpoint deep into the desert and forced to strip naked. She is then staked out in the hot desert sun. A length of wet rawhide is tied around her neck. As it dries in the baking sun, it slowly strangles her to death.
Die LaughingDie Laughing
Our perp has just been released from the Hospital (For The Criminally Insane) and has landed a Work/Release job with a parcel delivery company. Things are just fine until he asks one of the customers to go out on a date. She laughs at him and he snaps. He chokes her unconscious and moves her limp body to the couch. He strips her and admires the young naked body. But, when she wakes up, his murderous reflexes take over and he violently strangles her to death. A nice session of body posing follows. This is one of the hottest asphyx performances by a model that we've seen in nearly 10 years of producing this material and looking at lots more of it. The content on the DVD is just too hot to publish in the download area, though the download is by no means tame. If you've ever considered a combo (Download + DVD), this is the time to make that choice. You will not be disappointed.
Dispute At Whiskey GulchDispute At Whiskey Gulch
Two ornery cowgirls roll into a dusty wild west bar. Amid the smokes and drinks, they get to jawin' about their love lives. When they both realize they're ridin' the same cowpoke back home, the lead starts flyin'. The only one coming out ahead in this game is the undertaker.
Do or Die - 2007 Cheerleader CompetitionDo or Die - 2007 Cheerleader Competition
Cheerleading competition on this level can be murder! One by one, each perky competitor mugs and poses for the camera. One by one, each contestant is eliminated by the execution method of their choice... shooting, stabbing, throat slice, bagging and hanging. Outtakes follow the feature.
Doctored MeatDoctored Meat
A mad doctor with funky shades interviews a new "patient", surreptitiously finding out that the woman lives alone with no close relatives. The patient is instructed to shower and put on a gown, in preparation for her "exam". The exam is quite thorough. Medical fetish fans will enjoy it. The doctor's nurse re-enters the picture, making one final adjustment... snapping the young woman's neck. Turns out that this lovely young patient is just more meat for the spit. Then, our murderous nurse gets a surprise when the doctor drugs her into unconsciousness. The doctor strips the nurse and binds her to a chair. When she awakens, he strangles her to death. Then, the two beautiful corpses are garnished with apples, hung up in the cooler to chill and boxed for delivery. This one is a must have!
Double BarrelDouble Barrel
A frightened woman hides behind a restraining order and several hundred miles of highway, but her dangerous ex-boyfriend tracks her down. She pleads for her life, trying to use her naked body as negotiation currency ... but the maniac has just one purpose for his visit. He squeezes the trigger on his sawed-off shotgun and pumps lead into her soft flesh. She sputters and begs, but he coldly finishes her off by slitting her throat. Bloody!
Double BlastDouble Blast
Ann has just made a pile of money by registering a patent. Unfortunately, it wasn't her patent. She picks up lovely Valorie at a convention and, as the two ladies enjoy each other's company in a warm tub, the hitman who was hired to rectify the situation enters the room with a sawed off shotgun. The pleading patent thief takes one in the chest ... and the innocent Valorie? Wrong place at the wrong time. The hitman photographs the bodies as proof of the completion of his assignment.
Double Feature: Natalia Dies In PinkDouble Feature: Natalia Dies In Pink

A RueMorgue DOUBLE FEATURE Special!

Hanged in Pink
A bad breakup with her boyfriend has Natalia at the end of her rope. Literally.

Purity in Death - Natalia
Our favorite murderous monk claims another victim for "purification".

Dr. DeathDr. Death
A young woman, despondent over her heart disease, seeks the "final cure" from Dr. Death. After a thorough examination (of course) he decides she is, indeed, a prime candidate for his lethal injection. What she doesn't know is that she is also a prime candidate for Dr. Death's black market organ sales side business. Hey, a fella has to get his money where he can these days! By the way, her death isn't as quick and painless as he described either, but she never asked for a second opinion.
Dr. Death IIDr. Death II
In the near future, a popular First Lady has developed an incurable disease and wishes to submit to assisted suicide, rather than endure a long, painful death. Political considerations being what they are, the President knows nobody will re-elect a president who has his wife "put down", so he turns to the ultra-discreet "Doctor Death" to handle the problem quickly and quietly. The First Lady arrives, is informed of the process and submits to the procedure. The good doctor must realize, though, that the President can take no chance of a leak of this information, so only the unfortunate nurse is on the premises when two Super-Secret-Service guys show up to make sure there are no witnesses to talk to the press.
Dream HuntDream Hunt
A beautiful young woman awakens in a strange cell. Still groggy from the drugs that were slipped into her drink, she's informed that she will be the prey in a dastardly hunting expedition. She is turned loose in the wilderness to attempt eluding the hunters, but she is hopelessly outmatched. A tranquilizer dart to her perfect ass puts her down and out of the game. She is stripped, then carried and dragged back to the butchering room, where she is strung up and bled out. The unfortunate beauty ends her adventure on the cooking spit.
Drowned and FoundDrowned and Found
A beautiful, buxom young woman gets her luxurious hair caught in a faulty jacuzzi mechanism and drowns. Enter the lucky maintenance man, who pulls her dripping naked body from the tub, performs some half-hearted CPR, then carries the corpse into the bedroom where he can ogle it better.
Duct Taped for DeathDuct Taped for Death
A young woman arrives for a modeling assignment. All goes well... until the photographer sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. He carries her limp body to a nearby chair and sets up for the real shoot. The unfortunate model is bound to the chair with duct tape. She is forced to watch a video of her friend being tortured and killed. Then, electrodes are taped to her naked breasts. The photographer systematically tortures the squirming girl before asphyxiating her with a plastic bag. He carries the naked corpse off for disposal.
Duel At PeckerwoodDuel At Peckerwood
Two rowdy cowgirls breeze into the sleazy town of Peckerwood, lookin' for drinks and a good time. Unfortunately, the more they drink, the farther from a good time they get. Once the girls are "fully loaded", their bickering turns into a deadly gunfight. With one girl down and bleeding into the dirt, the other girl is dealt swift Peckerwood justice and finishes her day sprawled dead beside her former friend.
Dying 4 DollarsDying 4 Dollars
Assisted suicide is a booming business in a bleak overpopulated future. Young women agree to be terminated on camera - and donate their bodies for "other uses" - in exchange for hefty rewards for their surviving families. As a lovely company rep looks on, one such girl settles naked into a chair, awaiting strangulation. The asphyxiation excites her and she pleasures herself as the deed is done. The company rep has also gotten all worked up while watching the young girl's demise. She opts for a hanging death. As the first girl's corpse cools in the chair below her, the rep dangles and twitches at the end of a rope. Then, both bodies are pressed for shipping.
Dying for DinnerDying for Dinner
Two young women sacrifice themselves for the culinary pleasure of a group of dinner party guests. They each strip and lay themselves out upon the prep table. Electrodes are placed in "strategic" positions and killing current is zapped through each girl's body until they are "pre-cooked".
Early RetirementEarly Retirement
A snotty model shows up for her final assignment. The photographer takes her attitude in stride, letting her think she's in control as he talks her into first doing the shot nude, then adding a bondage element. When he has her bound and helpless, he regains control of the situation with a length of cord just right for strangling. He enjoys posing the corpse for a while before wrapping it up for removal.
Eastside StranglerEastside Strangler
A beautiful woman watches a news report warning of a dangerous strangler on the loose, but the warning comes too late for her. The strangler has already cleverly hidden himself inside her room. He chloroforms the unfortunate girl, then positions her limp body for the big finale. He slips nylon stockings onto her smooth legs, then wraps one around her soft throat. When she awakens, he torments her into begging for her life by choking her into unconsciousness several times. Of course, the intruder has no intention of heeding her pleas. He positions her corpse and snaps a few photos to remember her by.
Easy PreyEasy Prey
An eager real estate agent is excited at the prospect of selling a house with a gruesome murder in its history. What she doesn;t know is that the murderer has returned to the scene of his original crime. Anxious to make a sale, she flirts a bit with the ugly stranger, unknowingly placing herself in danger. He knocks her out and strips her naked. Then torments and stabs her to death. As the corpse cools, her friend arrives. She is also quickly subdued, stripped and dragged to the shower. The killer slits her throat and splays the body across the bathroom floor.
Easy Prey - JaniceEasy Prey - Janice
One of our sexiest and bloodiest classics, from 2002 and newly remastered, has beautiful Janice hitching a ride with a decidedly suspicious looking fellow. She makes the mistake of turning her back on him and out comes the sap. The trusting Janice is knocked unconscious, stripped naked and carried upstairs to the killing room. She is tied spread-eagle on the bed, assaulted and knifed to death. The killer spreads the girl's spilling blood lovingly across her nude dead body.
Easy Prey 6Easy Prey 6
There's just something about this guy that makes women keep letting him in. Maybe it's his honest face. Rita makes the same mistake as five girls before her and pays the price. She's knocked out and dragged to a couch, where she is stripped, terrorized with a kitchen knife and finally stabbed to bloody death. We've included some extra scenes from the cutting room floor on this one. Enjoy!
Electron DanceElectron Dance
A lovely young bad girl has been sentenced to death by electrocution. She is led to the classic electric chair and ordered to sit. Her body is secured to the chair and the electrodes are placed. She twitches and bucks as the current surges through her body. After a time, the current is shut off. Her blouse is opened and the executioner checks for a heartbeat. There is a little life left in her, so the juice is applied once more. Her pert breasts dance to the tune of the electrical jolts. Finally, she is finished. Her body is stripped and removed to the medical examiner's table.
Elise Is SlicedElise Is Sliced
A young health conscious woman finishes up her jog and heads for a refreshing shower. Of course, sometimes unfortunate things happen to women in showers. A crazed slasher has followed her home. Blood covers the shower walls as it pumps from her sliced throat. Extremely bloody!
Elise Meets the HanginElise Meets the Hangin' Judge
A brash young woman picks the wrong rural county to speed through. She's caught and sentence to the usual punishment... hanging! The bewildered girl is forced to strip and the rope is tightened around her tender neck. Her body thrashes as the harsh sentence is carried out.
End of StoryEnd of Story
A beautiful naked prisoner is led through the deep forest. When she attempts to escape, she is shot down. Her cooling body is loaded into a wheelbarrow and transported to a waiting grave. Meanwhile, her voluptuous friend is searching for her. Instead, she finds the murderous guard. He forces her to strip, ties a rope around her neck and leads her to where her friend lays waiting. The guard then hangs her to death. Soon, it's her turn for the wheelbarrow and a trip back to the hole. She is dumped in with her friend and the bodies are limed in preparation for burial.
Ending It AllEnding It All
Alex is despondent over a breakup and, after unsuccessful attempts to find counselling, searches through the house for ways to cash in. She finally decides on a good old-fashioned noose. Nice choice, girlfriend!
Enemies of the StateEnemies of the State
Three beautiful prisoners are forced to dig their own grave, then strip naked. They are tied to posts and executed. The executioners toss their bodies into the pit and, before the corpses can even cool, three more lovely doomed ladies are ushered into the killing grounds. They, too, are forced to remove their clothes. The bullets fly and the delicate bodies crumple to the ground. The batch of fresh corpses is then laid to rest along with the first group. Shooting fans and body pile aficionados will get a bang out of this one.
A young maiden innocently gathers firewood in the deep forest. A rebel execution squad catches up with her and condemns her to death for the betrayal of one of their fighters. They force her to strip, tie her to a wooden gate and execute her by firing squad. Her luscious bullet-riddled dead body is dragged off to be enjoyed by the rebels, then carried ots to be buried.
Execution at DawnExecution at Dawn
Two beautiful young insurgents are charged with treason and sentenced to death by firing squad. Their pleas for mercy go unheeded. They are forced to strip to the waist and await the bite of the bullet into their soft flesh. The executioner then drags the bodies together to await disposal. Watch for outtakes after the credits!
Execution at Dawn - Chapter IVExecution at Dawn - Chapter IV
Two lovely, but doomed, political prisoners are readied for their dawn execution. The girls are intrusively examined by the prison doctor and their "sins" forgiven by the resident padre. Each girl is then led to the execution chamber and repeatedly shot until their naked bodies lay sprawled on the hard prison cement. But, the business of the morning is not complete. The prison doctor has been discovered to have sympathies for the wrong political agenda... and soon, her corpse is cooling beside the others.
Execution at Dawn - Chapter VExecution at Dawn - Chapter V
The San Pablo military police are tracking down the few remaining members of the political opposition. Their investigation of the executed prison doctor has led them to more high ranking rebel sympathizers. Three more executions are scheduled. The male prisoner and his wife enjoy one final romp on a prison cot after the other female prisoner is removed to spend her final night alone. The next morning, the three condemned prisoners are stripped and tied to posts. The firing squad does its job and soon three bullet riddled corpses are sprawled on the ground. The bodies are then dragged off for burial.
Execution at Dawn - Chapter VIExecution at Dawn - Chapter VI
San Pablo Executioner General Bukowski is sitting at his desk. The deaths of all the people he has killed weighs heavily on his mind. But, when a beautiful young revolutionary attempts to assasinate him, he quickly gets back to business. The young woman is captured and tortured by electrocution and waterboarding until she gives up her accomplice. The two women are then shot to death, stripped and laid side-by-side to await the cleanup squad.
Execution at Dawn 3Execution at Dawn 3
A fugitive from the San Pablo authorities seals the fate of both his wife and a local nun who had sheltered him when he is captured. The nun spends her last night praying while the husband and wife grab one final nookie. When the morning comes, each are stood against a wall and executed by three shots to their naked chests. The three fresh corpses are laid out side-by-side for later removal.
Execution At Dawn II - ReduxExecution At Dawn II - Redux
A young woman is convicted of treason and sentenced to death. Just for good measure, her lawyer is sentenced to death, too (Who says there is no justice!). The two women are allowed to enjoy a little lesbo lovin' whilst awaiting their execution. Soon, the executioner arrives and it's time to get down to business. Each girl is stood against a wall and shot in the chest. Their bodies are stripped and wrapped in plastic. They are then transported out of town and dumped in a waiting unmarked grave.
Execution of Mata HariExecution of Mata Hari
A little history lesson, Rue Morgue style! The beautiful convicted spy prepares for her execution by firing squad. She holds her head high, defiant to the end, as the hot slugs pierce the soft skin of her breasts. For good measure, her lovely attendant is shot, as well.
Expendable EscortsExpendable Escorts
Hank's Escorts takes the oldest profession to the next level. For the right price, guys get to do anything they want... anything. Two unfortunate "entertainers" discover, too late, that this will be their last gig. As the girls dance seductively, the boys gleefully grab their guns and shoot down the startled strumpets. As the wounded escorts drag themselves across the floor, the guys follow, pumping them with lead. After draping the girls' dying bodies across the sofa and table and enjoying them for a bit, the cooling corpses are carried into the shower and placed under a strong stream of water to wash away the worst of the blood. Meanwhile, a previously ordered redhead arrives, unaware of the fate which befell her co-workers. She, too, meets the same grisly end. Three bodies are propped under the showerhead to await the arrival of Hank's disposal unit. This one is a must for the shooting fans! Alternate death scenes and outtakes follow the credits.
Fair Game - Hunting Ashley LaneFair Game - Hunting Ashley Lane

Ashley is out for a jog in the forest. A hiker stops her and warns her its dangerous to go any further. He should know. He is the predator who has killed and eaten three missing girls. Arrogant, she plans to forge on. When she kneels down to pick up a key she dropped, she is knocked out by his club. As she regains consciousness, she is nude and hanging suspended by one ankle. The predator slits her throat with a large K-Bar knife. Ashley flops and jerks and spasms, all of which are shown from multiple angles until she has finally bleeds out and hangs still. The predator picks her up and carries her over his shoulder to his BBQ pit where he smokes her beautiful carcass on the grill. She is seen on the grill from every revealing point of view.

Fatal JealousyFatal Jealousy
Alex invites Victoria over to commiserate about a bad breakup. But Alex's hidden motive is revenge. She drugs and seduces the vulnerable Victoria, tying and gagging her to prepare for her deadly asphyxiation games. First, Alex chokes Victoria unconscious with pantyhose, then smothers her with a plastic bag. As Victoria's body twitches it's final death spasms, Alex indulges in some hanging autoerotic asphyxiation games of her own. She loses control and winds up swinging dead at the end of the rope, next to the corpse of her "friend".
Feeding FrenzyFeeding Frenzy
A beautiful, unsuspecting young lesbian provides a hearty meal for a vampire queen and her daughter. Slurp!
Fester and the NurseFester and the Nurse
A nurse attempts to examine the cadaverous Fester and gets knocked out for her efforts. She awakens as Fester is stripping her and is strangled to death. Then, it's Fester's turn to examine the lovely nurse. A nice long strangle and good struggle from Valorie in this one! Watch for the outtake after the credits.
Final PerformanceFinal Performance
A beautiful blackmailer thinks she's made a big score, but her celebration is cut short by the arrival of a buxom hitwoman who pumps the girl full of lead. As the hitwoman wraps up her assignment, her boss hitman shows up. He points out the mistakes she has made, then punishes her with several slugs to her ample chest. A female cleaner is called in to halp clear the scene and dispose of the bodies. The cleaner and the hitman transport the naked plastic wrapped corpses to a remote location and drag the bodies to a clearing to leave them for the scavengers. Unfortunately, the cleaner gets on the hitman's nerves as they work together and he decides to silence her with a garrotte. After strangling the cleaner to death, he carries her body to his car, places her in the trunk, strips her naked and drives off. Cut to the morgue, where the bodies of the hitwoman and blackmailer are examined for evidence.
Flip, Strip and DieFlip, Strip and Die
Three bored cowgirls decide to liven up a lazy day with an afternoon of drinkin' and strip games. Soon, they're wearing nothing but their gunbelts and drunken grins. But, things take an ugly turn when accusations of cheating escalate to flying lead.
A killer follows a beautiful woman home from the gym. She strips and prepares herself a nice, hot bath to sooth aching muscles. She eases into the hot water and settles down for a little nap. The killer moves up silently behind her and shoves her head under the water. He holds her there until her body stops thrashing and the water calms. He then playfully moves her floeting corpse around the tub for his amusement.
Floater 2 - EliseFloater 2 - Elise
A young woman settles in for a nice, hot bath. She turns on the spa jets and closes her eyes, trying to put thoughts of her no-show date out of her mind. As she naps, strong hands begin massaging her shoulders and breasts. She thinks her date has finally arrived to make amends, but the hands belong to a killer. He shoves her head under the water. She struggles and kicks until the water fills her lungs. Her cooling corpse is dragged out of the water and draped across the edge of the tub.
Found Dead - Karen StarFound Dead - Karen Star
A man fidgets nervously in a hotel suite, hovering over a beautiful naked corpse. Could he have been the killer... or just a very fortunate hotel employee? In either case, the girl is in no hurry to go anywhere, so the man enjoys some quality time posing the body and moving her from place to place within the suite. He leaves her sprawled across a coffee table. Next, it's the coroner's turn to handle the limp lovely. We leave her on the cold, hard medical examiner's table, staring silently into eternity.
Found Dead - SavannahFound Dead - Savannah
A beautiful dead body is left behind by a serial killer. A thorough examination is called for, of course.
Found Dead - ValorieFound Dead - Valorie
Oh NO! Valorie has been strangled to death! She is left sprawled across a couch to be discovered by the authorities. The Medical Examiner performs a thorough forensic examination and detects the bastard's semen all over Valorie's lovely body. The corpse's hands are bagged to preserve trace evidence and the body is covered to await the meat wagon.
Frontier JusticeFrontier Justice
Beautiful law-breakin' bandits have stolen some horses and justice is trackin' them down. One of the varmints tries to draw down on the posse and receives some hot lead for her trouble. The other two are promptly hanged in front of a group of amused town folk and turned over to the undertaker.
Gameshow 2010 - You Bet Your LifeGameshow 2010 - You Bet Your Life
After a hiatus to recast (the original cast having expired), the Gameshow is back on the air! Five naked ladies compete for prizes, torture and death! Electrocution! Beheading! Strangling! Shooting! Girl-Kabob! It's going to be a ratings bonanza! Outtakes follow the feature.
Gameshow:  Love or Death (full movie)Gameshow: Love or Death (full movie)

Tune in the newest rage on the underground game show circuit ... LOVE OR DEATH!

It's down to the final four. Two of our finalists, Savannah and Paris, play for the highest stakes. They're going for love ... but they may find DEATH! The girls compete as they strip down and try to convince the audience who is the "hottest"! Sexy Paris moves on to the finals and lovely Savannah gets "eliminated". As part of the game, Savannah gets to choose the method of her demise. She chooses strangulation with nylons. Savannah's hands are tied, she's seated and strangled to the delight of the studio audience. Paris has a smoke as she waits in the green room for the finals.

Our next two finalist are Tricia and Victoria. They eagerly participate in the Who's The Hottest competition. This time, it goes into a bonus round and a rather large sex toy is brought out. Victoria refuses to use it and is eliminated. In accordance with the rules, she gets to choose her death and she chooses to be strangled with a rope while she is ball-gagged. The executioner is more than happy to comply and she is taken away.

Now it's time for the FINALS! Our semi-final winners, Tricia and Paris, square off. Poor Paris loses and chooses to be bagged and hanged. While she is dying, Tricia gets very excited about winning and does a victory dance. Bad move. This causes the audience to re-cast their vote. Paris is cut down and saved at the last minute and Tricia now must die by beheading. In a thrilling sequence, Tricia is beheaded. Her body is dragged out and Paris gets to meet her "prize".

Paris wins the "love". She and her new fella go to the sofa for some romance. He decides to kill her with a garrote instead. The movie wraps up with a recap of the show including Tricia's headless body and all the other bodies on display.

Gas the HippiesGas the Hippies
Five beautiful environmentalist hippie girls get caught while vandalizing a military installation. They are led to a secret chamber at gunpoint, where they become the unwitting test subjects in a nerve gas experiment. The girls are tormented and forced to strip. They are then left alone in the chamber. Suddenly, the room fills with a noxious gas that causes the girl to writhe in convulsive fits as they slowly and painfully die. The camera lingers on their twisting, trembling nude bodies until they all fall still. The bodies are examined by the soldiers then, one by one, they are lifted onto tables and carried off for disposal.
Gassing SavannahGassing Savannah
Lovely Savannah begs for her life, but she must pay for her crime. The poison gas pours into the execution chamber. She tries to hold her breath, but she can't last long. The dealy fumes get sucked into her lungs and her body gradually goes limp. The executioner unbinds and strips the corpse, copping a few feels along the way.
Gay Henri - Girls Special ShootGay Henri - Girls Special Shoot
Two beautiful but not-too-bright models are hired by a swishy photographer for a photo/video shoot. While one model takes a smoke break, the photographer chloroforms the other and ties her to a chair. When the smoking model returns, she's tricked into a lesbian encounter with her unconscious friend. The ruse escalates when the model is further duped into suffocating her friend with a large plastic bag. Finally, the remaining model is hung to death and posed with her friend's corpse.
Girl MeatGirl Meat

A Jogger Hunting Movie

Beautiful Brooke Thomsen is about to go on her last jog. Although she knows that several women have disappeared while jogging in the Skookum Woods, it's her favorite place to jog and enjoy the flora and fauna while she runs.

A veteran hunter is waiting today, with a cocked and loaded crossbow. Brooke runs right by him. He steps out from behind a tree, takes aim and puts an arrow in her back, piercing her lung and her aorta. She doesn't take too long to die, but she dies m agnificently, after the hunter has stripped away her scanty clothing. He carries her to his hunting shack where he hoists her lovely corpse and guts her. Then, she's suspended like a beautiful little game animal for a while so the hunter can admire and examine his kill.

Finally, Brooke ends up on the grill with a roaring fire under her. She cooks to a turn as you hear the juices dripping into the fire. You can't help licking your chops at the thought of carving yourself a slice of this delicacy.

Girls in PrisonGirls in Prison
Each woman has a different story.
Some are innocent victims of circumstance.
Others deserve their fate.
A gang of tough chicks are on the lam after killing a prison guard and escaping into the wilderness. They hole up in a run-down backwoods hideout, where they change out of those nasty prison clothes and into something a little more trashy. When a snitch is uncovered in their midst, she is dealt with in the only way these violent girls know. As the snitch lays bleeding out on the floor, the remaining girls confront the posse of cops outside. These bad mammas ain't going quietly. They grab their weapons and go out in a blaze of gunfire!
Good Cop, Bad CopGood Cop, Bad Cop
A beautiful, nearly naked girl is tied to a chair, abused and interrogated. After she gives the interrogator the information she wants, the girl is shot dead. A couple nice punch knockouts and plenty of girl on girl violence highlight this clip.
Good Enough To EatGood Enough To Eat
We follow this very special entree from freezer to table, as she is lovingly prepared as the centerpiece for a cannibal feast. The beautiful nude body dangles in the freezer, until the cook pulls her down off the hook and carries her to the prep table. There, she is cleaned, gutted and skewered. We then follow her out to the spit where she is slow roasted to a golden brown. The camera lingers over her sizzling body. Finally, she is decapitated and her body is presented to the diners on a bed of vegetables. Yummy!
Guinea PigGuinea Pig
A beautiful assistant shows up just in time to test a special effect hanging rig for a movie. Being the helpful girl she is, the assistant slips her lovely neck into the noose. Ooops! She mis-steps and ends up dangling at the end of the rope for real. The effects man discovers her swinging corpse and takes her down. Too late. Cut to the morgue, where the unfortunate assistant's body is examined and autopsied.
Guns DonGuns Don't Kill People
Two city girls are given a tow by a hillbilly when their car breaks down. They are recognized as gun control activists who had recently been on a local newscast. The hillbillies decide to have the girls stay over for a "barbecue", to show them the other side of the issue. The girls are forced to strip. They are then beheaded and strung up to bleed out. No gun violence here at all. Nossir.
Hanged For TrespassingHanged For Trespassing
The Hangin' Judge, Beauregard Parker, has sentenced Tiffani to hang by the neck for trespassing. No appeals in Bushwhack County. Tiffani is led into the woods. She strips completely naked. Her hands are tied and she gets up on a stool. No time for last words. She's pushed off and kicks and jerks and spasms for nearly 6 min before the executioner finally cuts her dead, limp corpse down. A couple of final spasms induced by the drop and then she's still.
Hanged in Fur - OliviaHanged in Fur - Olivia
The citizens of Bushwhack County don't take kindly to folks who disrespect our little furry friends by wearing their skin. The penalty for wearing fur in Bushwhack County is the same as the sentence for any crime. Death by hanging. Woodland creatures everywhere applaud as the thoughtless girl swings from the end of a rope.

Cheating The Hangman / Hanged in Fur Double Feature!
Hanged ReporterHanged Reporter
Reporter Alex has offended The Militia. The penalty: death by hanging. The terrified reporter pleads, begs, even offers her sexual favors...to no avail. Alex's gorgeous stripped body swings as the rope stretches her pretty neck to the breaking point.
HanginHangin' Judge
Two arrested street walkers go up before the bench of the unforgiving "Hangin' Judge", who sentences both women to ... you guessed it!
Hanging 3 PackHanging 3 Pack
A trio of gems specially for the hanging fan!
Swinging Sister Ann - Ann is a nun who pays the ultimate penalty for her sins
The Nurse Who Would Die - A naked nurse is tormented until the noose is jerked tight around her delicate neck
Shower Hang Suicide - A depressed and inebriated woman ends it all with a rope
Hanging CheerleaderHanging Cheerleader
Poor thing. All she ever wanted to be was a cheerleader. Unfortunately, she didn't make the cut. Despondent, she hangs herself... Gimme a D. Gimme an E. Gimme an A. Gimme a D!
Hanging RavenHanging Raven
The Hangin' Judge of Bushwhack county strikes again, sentencing another unsuspecting lovely to the ultimate penalty for a minor infraction. She faces her fate with wide-eyed disbelief... until the noose tightens around her pretty neck.
HannaHanna's Execution Dreams Part 1 - Hanged

A young hooker picks the wrong county in which to ply her trade. She's sentenced to hang from the neck until dead. She's ordered to strip down to her shiny boots and escorted to the waiting noose.

HannaHanna's Execution Dreams - Electrocution

Lovely Hanna has been accused of being a spy. No due process in her country. She is strapped into the electric chair, her protests of innocence cut short by the current tearing through her tender body. Her smoldering corpse is then placed upon a table and stripped before disposal.

HannaHanna's Execution Dreams - Lethal Gassing

Hanna has been having some strange dreams lately. Last night, she dreamed that she was led into a gas chamber and strapped to a chair. Lethal fumes poured in as she gasped her final breaths. She looked down upon her own dead body as it was stripped, carried to the morgue and prepped for disposal.

HannaHanna's Execution Dreams - Lethal Injection

Hanna's nightmares of her own execution continue. This time she is sentenced to death by lethal injection, after her failed attempt to assassinate a dictator. She is strapped to a table and a deadly drug is pumped into her delicate arm. Her mouth foams and her body writhes as the chemicals rampage through her body.

HannahHannah's Story - A Spy Is Martyred

A beautiful captured spy is humiliated and tortured by strangulation, nipple clamp and electrocution. She is then removed to the killing field, where she is executed by firing squad.

Note: This is an historic re-enactment of the torture and execution of Hannah Senesh, a WWII Hungarian born Israeli (It was Palestine then) who was captured by the Nazi's and executed by firing squad. Hollywood made a movie, "Hannah's War", about her. They didn't really do an accurate representation of her torture and execution because of purity police issues.

Holly the HackerHolly the Hacker
Holly the Hacker in confident in her skills, sure that she will never be discovered. But, unknown to her, a radical anti-hacker group has already tracked her down. Their "representative" shows up unannounced at Holly's door, intent on showing her the blue screen of death! Holly attempts to use her luscious naked body to dissuade the intruder, but he answers with a bullet to her soft chest. He carries the nearly dead girl back to her computer, where he decapitates her, leaving her nude body sprawled across the computer chair and her head propped against the keyboard ... a warning to all other hackers that punishment for their conceit is swift and bloody.
Hostage ExecutionHostage Execution
A squad of female soldiers creep through the forest as an advance scout team. The disgruntled soldiers drop their guard while squabbling with their leader. It proves a fatal mistake when they are captured by insurgents, forced to strip, tied to poles and shot to death. The girls' dead naked bodies are then stacked in a shallow grave.
Hot ShowerHot Shower
Sapphire grabs a shorted-out hair dryer as she steps from the shower and zaps herself good. After much twitching and thrashing on the cold bathroom tiles, her system finally shuts down. Moments later, she's discovered by the building super. He drags and carries her to the bedroom where he attempts CPR. No good. He calls the authorities, then entertains himself with her beautiful naked body while he waits for them to arrive.
Hotel StranglerHotel Strangler
A young girl enjoys what she thinks is a solitary bath. But the strangler has entered her hotel room. He eases up behind her and strangles her to death as she flails helplessly in the water. A lovely maintenance worker enters the room and discovers the soaking corpse. In a matter of moments, she too falls victim to the strangler. He kills and strips her, then places her naked body in the tub to join his other victim.
Hunt 2002--Deadly GameHunt 2002--Deadly Game
This feature length girl-hunter extravaganza is packed with all the best stuff!
The hunt is on! Lovely young ladies try to hide from cannibalistic game hunters, vying for a big money prize. Needless to say, the prize money will stay safely in the bank, as one-by-one the girls find out it's not easy being a doe. Detours are taken to dispose of a beautiful blackmailer and enjoy a nice barbecue. Hangings, guttings, gunshots, spit-roasting, arrows, bullets, a blow to the head, even a poison dart...this one has it all! This video is packed with great stuff, including realistic throat-cutting, one-legged hangings, two straight-up-the-center impalings and spit-roastings that are sure to make this a favorite in your collection! This DVD version contains extra footage!
Hunt 2010 Part 1 - Jane Alone In The WoodsHunt 2010 Part 1 - Jane Alone In The Woods
A beautiful young camper thinks she is alone in the wilderness, so she has no problem stripping naked and padding down to the local stream to bathe. Unfortunately, she is not alone. The crossbow hunter sneaks up slowly and puts the doe down with a bolt to the neck. He pulls her from the bloody water, then carries her to his prep area, where she is hung up to bleed out. The camper ends her adventure turning slowly on the roasting spit.
Hunting JoggersHunting Joggers
Two lovely girls go for a nice jog in the woods, unaware that Jogger Hunters are nearby. The girls fall prey to the hunters' arrows and darts. The bodies are stripped, hung up and gutted, then roasted to a tasty golden brown.
Hunting Joggers: Season IIHunting Joggers: Season II

Jogging can be hazardous for your health, especially if you gog alone and off designated trails. These two gals learned the hard way. The first girl is taken by a bolt from a crossbow. As she lies draped across a log, barely clinging to life, the hunter guts her alive. Soon she's on the grill being prepared for a barbecue of two legged doe.

Then, Tomiko arrogantly disregards a hunters suggestion that she migh wanto to jog elsewhere. The hunter clubs her with the butt of his rifle and then strips and hoists here from a tree branch. As she comes too, he slits her throat. After some thrashing, twitching and spasms, the beautiful Tomiko is ready for gutting and roasting on the "Girlie Grill".

Hunting Joggers: Season IIIHunting Joggers: Season III

Livia goes for her morning run. Friends have tried to warn her that several girls have gone missing after last being in the Deadwood Trail Area. So, she doesn't get far before a bolt from a hunter's crossbow connects with her lovely chest. After a few moments of suffering and death orgasmic spasms, she's given up the ghost. The hunter carries her nude body to a log where he lays her out to admire the meat. Then he carries her to the cooler room to chill and be gutted. Finally, her beautiful body is seen spread out on the grill, roasting for an upcoming meal. After being cooked front and back, she's finally ready for the feast.

Hunting NyxonHunting Nyxon
Betsy Nyxon is an entomomogist employed by the Sienna Club, a radical, pro-conservation organization that is trying to find a reason to prohibit hunting in the Willakenzie National Forest. Today however, she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A hunter looking for some tender two legged meat has found his next meal.
Hunting SamanthaHunting Samantha
A beautiful, scantily clad woman sees lovely flower specimens in the deep woods. A nearby doe hunter sees dinner. He plugs the unsuspecting tree hugger, then strips and guts the corpse for transport back to the camp meat cooler.
Hunting TessaHunting Tessa

A beautiful young nature lover figures it's okay to catch some sun in the nude, since she's waaay out in the woods. Unfortunately, a doe hunter is nearby, and he has her naked form in his cross hairs.

Two beautiful women are drugged and hypnotized into a murder/suicide. As they plan to kill the brother of one girl (and the fiance of the other), he slips drugs into their drink that make them extremely suggestible. He then hypnotizes the girls and sets his plan into motion. With both women under his hypnotic control, his sister is bagged unconscious by his fiance. When she is awakened, she is instructed to strangle her friend to death. The sister is then filled with guilt and talked into hanging herself. Smoking fans will also enjoy this one.
II'd Love To Kill You
Two deadly hotties shoot it out in the kitchen. Both beautiful bodies end up sprawled on the bloody floor. The corpses are removed for examination by the coroner. Bonus scenes & previews follow the feature
II'll Be Dead For Christmas
Samantha is despondent over a breakup and decides to do a pre-holiday check-out. She draws herself a nice hot bath and a nice needle filled with a hefty overdose, leaving a squeaky clean holiday corpse for the medical examiner to scoop up.
I, the Jury (Full Movie)I, the Jury (Full Movie)
Detective Mike Hammer follows a trail of dead bodies as he tries to solve the murder of his best friend, who was investigating a drug and prostitution ring. A working girl who might provide clues to the mystery is the next body to drop, offed by her pimp before she can be a liability. What the pimp doesn't know is he, too, has become a liability. He joins his victim in death. The widow of Hammer's dead friend tumbles to the drug dealing and murdering of Hammer's girlfriend and, as a result, tumbles to the floor with blood flowing from two fatal bullet wounds. The evidence is adding up and Hammer finally zeroes in on the killer. He confronts his girlfriend in her apartment and, when she pulls on him, he has no choice but to put her down. Alternate scenes & out takes follow the feature.
If I Should Die (Before I Wake)If I Should Die (Before I Wake)
After tossing and turning for a while, lovely Paris finally drifts off to sleep. As she dreams, an intruder enters her bedroom and begins to caress her sleeping body. When he gets a bit too familiar, Paris awakens. The intruder then strangles her back into unconsciousness. He continues his explorations, stripping her naked for his pleasure. After a while, Paris regains consciousness, only to be finished off by the strangler. He enjoys posing and photographing Paris' limp dead body before leaving.
In The MirrorIn The Mirror
A beautiful busty girl comes home, strips and climbs into a nice, hot bath. Meanwhile, a killer has entered her apartment. As she admires her form in the mirror, so does the hidden killer. he emerges from his hiding place and strangles her unconscious. He then carries her to the bedroom and finishes the job.
Two pretty young women are enjoying some lesbo lovin'... until a masked avenger arrives to show them the error of their ways. As one girl showers, the other is mercilessly strangled. When the freshly scrubbed girlfriend discovers her partner's dead body, she too is accosted by the intruder and strangled to death. When his job is done, the killer ties the dead girls together neck-to-neck, to make sure whoever discovers the bodies gets his point.
Invasion of the BellystabberInvasion of the Bellystabber
Two beautiful women go about their daily girlie routines, unaware that a knife wielding maniac has entered their peaceful home. He brutally stabs each woman to death, then goes rooting around in their innards, finally dumping each body back onto the blood soaked bed.
Jacuzzi DrowningJacuzzi Drowning
A young woman lounges in a comfy hot tub of water until a masked intruder sneaks up behind her and forces her head under the water. She thrashes and splashes until her naked body falls still. The killer poses the fresh corpse for his enjoyment, then lifts her out of the tub and sprawls her body across the tiles.
Jealous MotherJealous Mother
While walking through the woods, a mother discovers that her daughter has been diddling with the boyfriend. Flying into a jealous rage, the mother attacks the daughter, strangling her to death. Grief stricken, but still covering her ass, the mother decides to strip the daughter's body and roll it into a gulley. The boyfriend stumbles onto the scene and kills the mother. He then must cover his own tracks by tossing both mother and daughter, naked, into the ditch.
Jilted 2002Jilted 2002
Frank's girl goes lesbo on him. As the new lovers enjoy a frolic in the tub, they don't notice him approach them with a plugged-in curling iron. After they've been thoroughly juiced, he drags them from the tub and poses their naked corpses on the bed. This feature boasts plenty of steamy lesbian tub sex, a truly electrifying climax (pardon the pun), body dragging and lots of great footage of the two gorgeous ladies' glistening bodies.
Joined at the NeckJoined at the Neck
A young lesbian couple enjoy each other's company on a leisurely morning. As one girl takes a shower, the other dozes peacefully. Neither girl hears the killer homophobe make his entrance. He sneaks up next to the napping girl and throttles her. She dies kicking and gagging. When the other girl emerges from the shower, the killer attacks and strangles her to death. He maneuvers the cooling bodies into position and leaves them, literally, joined at the neck. Good, tight strangles and plenty of skin for asphyx fans!
Leadville prison still likes to use the good old-fashioned electric chair to punish their violent offenders. A young hottie murderer must fry for her crimes! Unfortunately, Leadville's equipment is a little worn out. The matron is accidentally electrified while trying to fix a broken contact. After cleaning up the mess, things get back on track and justice is served (after a triple-shot of juice from the ancient equipment). The criminal's corpse is carried off to the morgue for a final examination.
Juliette and NormanJuliette and Norman
Lovely Juliette checks in at the Bates Motel. The inevitable happens when the girl decides to take a shower and the strange hotel manager enters her room with a large knife. The blood flows as the beautiful girl is cut down. Considerate of her to die in the shower. Cleanup will be a breeze!
Just A Working GirlJust A Working Girl
A beautiful working girl doesn't mind a little bondage, as long as the guy is willing to pay. Once she is tied down and helpless, the customer's true intent is revealed. Suddenly, a stocking is pressing against her throat in a killing embrace. She struggles and gags until, finally, she is still. The customer then spends plenty of quality time with the working girl's lovely limp feet and hands.
Just RewardJust Reward
A sexually abusive trainer angers two lovely javelin throwers with his roaming hands. Big mistake. They decide to put an end to his groping by skewering him with their javelin pole.
Justine is Frenzied (The New Necktie Killer)Justine is Frenzied (The New Necktie Killer)
The Medical Examiner arrives at the scene of another brutal strangling. We then flash back to the cause of the young girl's demise.
Katrina and the StranglerKatrina and the Strangler
A young woman relaxes in her hotel room with a book and a hot cup of coffee. The masked killer enters her room and eases up behind her with his garrotte at the ready. He slips the killing instrument around her neck and pulls hard. When the deed is done, he drags her limp corpse to the couch and strips off her flimsy nightie.
Killer Research (Victoria and the SouthSide Strangler)Killer Research (Victoria and the SouthSide Strangler)
A beautiful young woman lounges on her bed as she shares her curiosity on the phone about why the infamous Southside Strangler's victims become sexually aroused as they are strangled to death. She is about to get first-hand experience with the phenomenon, as the killer lurks nearby. He rubs his specially prepared pheromone lotion onto his hands and arms and approaches the unsuspecting woman. He chokes her unconscious, then prepares her for her place as his new "experiment". Her corpse becomes the latest in a growing body of evidence as to the Southside Strangler's methods.
Laura Kraft Tomb Robber <i>The Final Adventure</i>Laura Kraft Tomb Robber The Final Adventure
Laura covets the Third Star of Isis, the world's largest fire diamond. It's owner, Sir Harry Bently (The Bitch Killer) won' t sell, but will wager on a hunt with Laura as the potential victim (or future owner of the Third Star of Isis). Laura tries to cheat by arranging a helicopter pickup on Bently's private island off the coast of Calif. But, she has under estimated Sir Harry. She ends her career as an adventure woman roasting in Sir Harry's BBQ pit and her huge tits end up in his trophy collection. Wonder who his taxidermist is?
Legacy is a feature length thriller of betrayal and murder. The seven heirs to a strange old man's fortune must remain in his lodge (and remain alive) for 72 hours in order to claim their share of the massive inheritance. One by one, they meet their deaths by poison, strangulation, stabbing, gassing and gunshot. Before it's over, bodies are hidden in every nook and cranny of the lodge and a lovely blonde head becomes a dining table centerpiece.
Les Petit MortsLes Petit Morts
A beautiful girl finds herself curiously aroused by a strangulation scene in a slasher movie on TV. That night, she dreams of erotic asphyxiation. Her naked body twitches as she slowly chokes to death. Her cooling body is then examined by the coroner. She awakens to find nylons tied to the head of her bed, just as in her dream. She drifts back into unconsciousness. This time, her nightmare includes a stranger entering her room and shooting her dead. Disturbed by her violent dreams, she is unable to get back to sleep. She takes some pills to help and finally drifts off again. This time, she finds herself drowning in a tub of shallow water. As hard as she tries to lift her face above the water, she cannot move. Desiree's nightmares continue as she finds herself dangling, naked, from a hook. A mysterious figure circles her, until a blade is drawn and plunged through her helpless body. Finally, her nightmare evolves into a waking horror, as the ghastly executioner slips a noose around her neck. Desiree finally sleeps ... a dreamless, eternal sleep. The executioner carries Desiree's naked, lifeless body to a shallow grave. Her cold corpse then finishes its journey on the hard metal of the coroner's table, her death ruled an unexplained suicide.
Lethal InjectionLethal Injection
A beautiful bound prisoner is led into the executioner's chamber, sentenced to death for drug smuggling. She is strapped to a table and injected with lethal drugs. Her body convulses as she foams at the mouth, the poison slowly doing its work. When she is dead, the body is stripped and transported to a waiting grave.
Two tipsy lesbos stumble into their apartment. One naps as the other takes a shower. The killer sneaks up on the showering girl and strangles her with a garrotte. He positions her wet, naked body on the tiles and waits for her partner to enter. The second girl initially thinks her partner has passed out from the liquor. When she discovers the truth, it's too late. The wire is already cutting into the soft flesh of her throat. Her limp body is positioned next to her cooling lover.
Lightning Strikes Twice (Tessa and the SouthSide Strangler)Lightning Strikes Twice (Tessa and the SouthSide Strangler)
A young woman talks on the phone about renting the same apartment that was the scene of a Southside Strangler attack. Little does she know that the strangler has returned to the scene of his crime, along with his orgasm producing pheromone lotion. She dies. But she dies satisfied.
Linly and the DoctorLinly and the Doctor
The good doctor and his nurse have a mighty chummy working relationship. A tension-relieving massage after a long day at a convention evolves into some serious "necking". Asphyx games lead to the sweet nurse's demise. Apparently the doctor needs a few more lessons in the respiratory system. The fact that his nurse is now a corpse doesn't deter the doctor from consummating their relationship. Linly's orgasmic whispers and moans will make you want to go get a hotel room of your own!
Live Fast, Die YoungLive Fast, Die Young

Make A Beautiful Corpse

Ashley is settled in to her jacuzzi for some quality time of self pleasure and getting high. She just has a new batch of smack from her supplier. She gets a phone call from her friend Ruben, warning her that their mutual friend Samantha just died from an Overdose of heroin from the same supplier. Ashley isn't phased. She proceeds to shoot up. A few minutes into her buzz, she is aware something isn't right. Too late. Pretty soon, she's dying from pulmonary edema from the OD. After long drawn out orgasmic spasms she finally sinks back into the tub. She is a beautiful corpse indeed.

Loose LipsLoose Lips
A beautiful informant returns home from the grocery store, not suspecting that a deadly assassin awaits her inside. The assassin pumps several rounds into the infrmant's buxom body, then searches the corpse, admiring her handiwork as she goes. She enjoys the corpse's full, firm breasts before leaving the bloody mess for someone else to clean up.
Make Her Die Slowly  (The South Side Strangler)Make Her Die Slowly (The South Side Strangler)
The South Side Strangler returns to claim another young woman. He pounces on her from behind, strangling her into unconsciousness. This victim is different, though. This one seems to like the feel of the cord around her neck, as she begins to pleasure herself while being strangled... until the final pull creates another fresh corpse for the coroner's table.
Massacre at Rocky RidgeMassacre at Rocky Ridge
It's training weekend for a group of new counselors at Rocky Ridge campsite and the host counselors have a handful with this bunch. Meanwhile, a serial killer is loose and there will be hell to pay--literally, when he catches up with these lovely ladies. Blood and gore abound in this send up to classic teen-horror films. Then with the Club-Dead twist, Ranger Bob arrives to find bodies everywhere. He does a check of each victim and piles them up neatly.
(nudity, gore, blood, stabbing, lesbos)

Added footage!
Starring Paris, Lexi, and Savannah
A mysterious stranger wanders into a campground and tells the campers the chilling tale of the Massacre At Rocky Ridge. The original story unfolds as he recounts the gory events to the horrified campers. After the story has been told, they meet the same grisly fate.
Mayan SacrificesMayan Sacrifices
One by one, six beautiful women are led to the sacrificial altar. They lay their lovely nude bodies down willingly for their people. The high priest plucks the hearts from their bodies while still beating and sacrifices them to the Mayan gods. The still warm corpses are laid out in front of the altar, in hopes of pleasing the gods.
Meat AuctionMeat Auction
Two unsuspecting young women are kidnapped and auctioned off to the highest bidder. Each is chloroformed, stripped and taken to the auction house. They are forced to parade around the auction ring on all fours. When a winning bid is reached, the unfotunate girl's skull is cracked. When her body finishes its death twitch, she is hoisted up for closer inspection.
Midnight (Lethal Gas Execution of Karen Star)Midnight (Lethal Gas Execution of Karen Star)
A lovely young death row inmate ends her incarceration in the lethal gas chamber.
Mina Meets The HanginMina Meets The Hangin' Judge
Parking must be at a premium in Bushwhack County, because a young woman's sentence for a parking violation is death by hanging. Of course, ALL sentences in Bushwhack COunty ar edeath by hanging! The incredulous girl plays along with what she thinks are just hick town law scare tactics... until the noose closes around her neck and her feet dangle.
Mister WrongMister Wrong
A confused woman wakes up, half naked, in a strange bed. She threatens to call the cops on the perv who obviously drugged her and is rewarded with a cord pulled tightly around her neck. Later, the forensics team arrives to examine the body. We end our journey at the morgue, where the woman's abused corpse is more thoroughly examined.
Mob MassacreMob Massacre
A limo load of mob wives and girlfriends meets a grisly fate when they are wined and dined, then taken to a secret location for execution. The tipsy girls think their adventure is a lark until the hot lead tears into their naked flesh. The bullet riddled bodies are laid side-by-side. The camera lingers over the row of lovely corpses.
Murder / SuicideMurder / Suicide
A lovely young lesbian has a fatal disease. She and her lover skip the long, slow, painful end ... substituting a quick murder/suicide option instead. As she soothes her lover in the tub, the distraught young woman draws a gun from her robe pocket and places it to her lover's heart. It's over in moments and her lover is at peace. In despair and anguish, she sucks on the still warm gun barrel and pulls the trigger. The tub water turns red with their spilled blood. Alternate takes of the fatal shots follow the credits, for the shooting fan's enjoyment.
Naked and DeadNaked and Dead
A cult leader's beautiful wife has gone lesbo on him, so he sends one of his minions to kill them both. The brainwashed killer waits until the women meet at a remote cabin, then kills them with gun and knife as they writhe in pain on the bloody bed sheets.
Naughty Web Cam Girls Meet the JudgeNaughty Web Cam Girls Meet the Judge
Two popular web cam girls are having a wonderful time smoking, posing and teasing their viewers. But one viewer is not amused. The judge vows to make the wanton women pay for their crimes the only way he knows how... with their lives. He binds and ball gags the girls and takes them to his execution chamber where one girl is hanged by the neck and the other is bagged to death.
Necktie Killer - TiffaniNecktie Killer - Tiffani

The community is all abuzz after the body of the latest victim of the Necktie Killer has been found. Tiffani isn't worried, however. She draws a hot bath in her jacuzzi and gets ready for a nice, relaxing soak. She has a little conversation with her friend, Stacy, chiding her about being fearful of the killer. She dozes off in the tub, only to awaken to the heavy breathing of the killer. She begs for her life, but he has no more mercy than a snake. It takes Tiffani a long time to finally die, with terminal orgasmic spasms. But, at last her corpse is floating in the tub, waiting for the CSI team to put her in a body bag for her trip to the cooler.

Necro NewsNecro News
The new anchor at Necro News is a little nervous, seeing as how the previous young newscaster was brutally murdered at the end of her broadcast. The anchor girl presents the morbid stories of murder that have occured that day, as she strips "Naked News" style. Unfortunately, her new bodyguard turns out to not be as reliable as she thought. He sneaks up behind her and cuts her throat as the tape rolls. The camera lingers over her lovely dead body. Out takes follow the feature.
Night Nurse (Strangler IV)Night Nurse (Strangler IV)
The strangler watches the nurse from the darkness of the closet as she goes about her evening routine. She showers and climbs into bed. He waits until she has fallen asleep, then creeps up to her bed. He slowly pulls the covers down, revealing her lovely sleeping form. Suddenly, his attentions awaken her. Petrified with fear, she obeys his orders to strip. He then binds her hands behind her back. Now he has her exactly where he wants her. He pulls out another length of rope and strangles her to death. He takes his time posing and playing with her limp body, before depositing her in the closet to be found after he makes his escape.
No Call List - Telemarketer ExecutionNo Call List - Telemarketer Execution
Five lovely, but annoying, telemarketes are led into the deep woods under false pretenses. They are then made to pay for their unfortunate career choice by being forced to strip naked and endure execution by firing squad. One by one, their nude bullet riddled bodies slide bonelessly into the burial pit. The final girl alive is given the chance to run, but not very far, before being plugged in the back. She is carried back to the pit and placed with the other corpses. Another great body pile from RueMorgue!
No TrespassingNo Trespassing
Three lovelies take a walk in woods owned by militant militia. They're forced to strip at gunpoint. Then they are shot, their beautiful naked bodies sliding limply into a grave pre-dug for just such an occasion. The corpses are positioned for space conservation and buried. Shootings, beautiful bodies and terrific death stares give this one plenty of "bang" for the buck!
Nuns ExecutionNuns Execution
A nurse betrays the group of missionary nuns and nurses with which she works, leading them into the hands of the murderous rebel, General Garcia. The terrified women are forced to strip. They are tied to posts and executed as traitors to the general's cause. The nude corpses are then piled into a shallow grave.
Olivia Is Coming For DinnerOlivia Is Coming For Dinner
The masked man is hunting for dinner meat. He won't be satisfied with rabbit or even deer. He sees young, pretty Olivia sunbathing alone. His mouth starts to water as he lifts the dart gun to his shoulder. Once she is sedated, he carries her off to his fire pit for basting, binding and slow-cooking.
One Bad TurnOne Bad Turn
A van load of cheerleaders gets lost on the way to camp. They wander aimlessly along back roads into places where they shouldn't be. Eventually, they run out of gas. Stranded, three of the girls decide to walk for help while the other two stay with the vehicle. Thinking they've finally caught a break, the girls are thrilled when a backwoods family offers to help. But first they'd be mighty pleased to have the girls in for dinner... as the meat course. The terrified girls are forced to strip. Then, they are placed on the chopping block and their lovely heads roll into the grass. One girl escapes, but not for long. When one of her friends comes looking for them, she meets a similar grisly fate after stumbling across the shed where her friends' body parts are hanging from hooks.
One Night StandOne Night Stand
A very, very lucky guy escorts a stunning woman to his bed. A long session of foot action evolves into a strangling. He chokes his lover to death, then resumes his attentions on her lovely body. When he finishes, he stuffs her naked corpse into a box for transportation to disposal. Asphyx and feet fans alike will enjoy this one!
Paper DollsPaper Dolls
This one disk contains BOTH PARTS of the titillating Paper Dolls feature! A beautiful girl is chloroformed, stripped and tied to a chair by a masked intruder. Her friend discovers her, but is chloroformed into unconsciousness before she can help. She, too, is stripped and tied to a chair. The intruder awakens the friends and forces one to watch while the other is strangled to death. The remaining terrified girl is slowly killed, as well, and the bodies are then the playthings of the intruder. He takes his time untying each girl and manipulating their bodies for his pleasure. LOTS of body handling and posing in this one, as well as some nice asphyx!
Permanent Fix - ParisPermanent Fix - Paris
A junkie gets hold of a bad batch of dope, which turns out to be her last. Her topless body convulses as she foams at the mouth, until the deadly drug has finished its work. A short time later, her cooling corpse is discovered by her supplier who strips and admires it, before calling a potential buyer for the beautiful stiff.
Pizza DeliveryPizza Delivery
Ashley treats herself to a delivery pizza...and the pizza guy treats himself to Ashley. He chloroforms the unsuspecting girl, drags her to a couch and strips her. He enjoys fondling her beautiful body for a bit, then binds her and hangs her. The camera lingers lovingly on Ashley's fine form as it sways at the end of the rope. Guess she shoulda ordered Chinese. When the real pizza delivery girl shows up at the door, she's treated to a face full of chloroform. She is then stripped and hanged next to her unfortunate customer. The killer lowers both corpses to the floor and plays with them a bit before taking his leave.
Fans of carrying and body handling will love this one! crazy uncle Julius gets frisky with his two nubile neices. When they don't cooperate, he chokes them into dreamland. He undresses each girl and carries her into the bedroom, where he has plenty of room to pose their lovely unconscious bodies. When each girl awakens, Julius finishes the job by strangling her to death. Guess he won't be invited to the next family picnic!
Pool MassacrePool Massacre
A group of nude and semi-nude bad girls frolic in a pool, unaware that a hit squad is approaching. Their bodies twitch and the water turns red as the bullets perforate their bodies.
Poor LoserPoor Loser
Alex's ex-boyfriend can't handle the breakup. He sneaks into the bathroom as Alex naps in the tub after pleasuring herself. He strangles her to death. Alex's luscious body splashes in the bath water until the deed is done. He caresses her body one last time, then leaves her for the crime scene investigators.
As a naked young woman tries to sleep through the night, she is plagued with dreams of her demise... being gunned down while trying to flee, after being hogtied and while taking a shower. Her dreams turn out to be prophetic, as she is awakened by the light of an intruder's flashlight, then gunned down in her sweat-soaked bed.
Pretending for RealPretending for Real
A young, naked model reluctantly agrees to "simulate" a hanging. You know what happens next. The unfortunately dim girl spasms and gags at the end of the rope until the job is done.
Price of Love - Janice & VictoriaPrice of Love - Janice & Victoria
A jilted lover follows his girl to a clandestine meeting and discovers she's gone lesbo. He accosts the girls in mid-act and forces them to strip. He makes them pick up their trist where they left off... but this time at gunpoint. He then ties both naked girls to chairs. He strangles one girl into unconsciousness while the other girl watches helplessly. He removes the girls to a back room where they are both hanged by the neck until dead. The corpses are then sprawled together on a chair in a mocking parody of their lesbian love.
Punishment For SinPunishment For Sin
It's the next big thing in reality television... public executions! Aa an enthralled crowd looks on, a beautiful bad girl submits to an injection that makes her super-aroused, then super-dead. When the show is over, her naked body is returned to her father, who wants some photographic keepsakes before turning the body over to the undertaker. LOTS of body manipulation in this one, for the handling fans!
Purity In DeathPurity In Death
Life imitates art when the mad monk from a horror movie attacks a jittery girl staying alone. She is strangled into unconsciousness and stripped. She awakens to find the ghastly monk hovering over her naked body. He then finishes the strangling job, taking her into the next life.
Purity In Death - Candle BoxxPurity In Death - Candle Boxx
A beautiful young woman tracks her missing twin sister to a secluded monastery. She discovers her sister has passed on, due to a "heart attack". But, she is soon to discover what actually stopped her sister's heart. It's the murderous monk, Adolphus. He grabs the girl from behind and chokes her into unonsciousness. Soon, she finds herself on the receiving end of the monk's "purifying" death ritual. Her naked body is carried off to join her purified sister.
Purity In Death - ElisePurity In Death - Elise
A young working girl's customer has to postpone their "date", so she decides to take a quick nap while she waits. As she sleeps, our murderous monk creeps up on her. She awakens and struggles to break free of his grasp, but a choke hold makes her compliant. He strips her unconscious body, then "purifies" her with his garotte.
Purity In Death - JanePurity In Death - Jane
Our favorite mad monk selects a lovely young hooker as his next victim. He chokes her unconscious, throws her on the bed and strips her, in preparation for her "purification". He removes one of her silky black stockings and uses it to deliver her to the purity of death. Outtakes follow the feature!
Purity In Death - MinaPurity In Death - Mina
A young woman discusses a murder on her street during a phone conversation with a friend, not realizing she is next on the list for "purification" by the killer monk. He sneaks up behind her and strangles her unconscious. He strips her naked, then removes her stockings and strangles her to death with them. He positions the body for his purification ritual.
Purity In Death - OlivePurity In Death - Olive
The killer cleric returns to "purify" another wayward young woman. As she pleasures herself in the shower, Brother Adolphus sneaks into her room. He grabs her from behind as she dries her hair and chokes her into unconsciousness. He drags her limp body to the bed and prepares her for the purification. A shapely lass and nice, long strangling make this one "purely" enjoyable!
Purity In Death - PromiscuityPurity In Death - Promiscuity
The mad monk "purifies" another wanton woman who has succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh. The nympho cheerleader pleasures herself as she plans to enjoy the offerings of the football team, but Brother Adolphus has other plans. He strangles her into unconsciousness, strips her, then completes the purification ritual. The coroner's team arrives some time later to bag and transport her mortal remains.
Purity In Death - RyAnnePurity In Death - RyAnne
The Mad Monk "purifies" another unsuspecting young woman, by violently strangling her to death.
Purity In Death - Savannah in WaterPurity In Death - Savannah in Water
Another wanton woman is in dire need of "purification" and Brother Adolphus is more than ready for the task. He chokes the unsuspecting prostitute into unconsciousness and drags her into the bathroom, where a tub of water is waiting to provide the extra "purifying" properties needed for this particular sinner.
Purity In Death - StarPurity In Death - Star
A young woman is looking forward to a night of debauchery with her boyfriend, but the person who shows up for the date has a different plan. He is the murderous monk, Brother Adolphus, and his plan is for another "purification". He chokes the unsuspectiing girl into unconsciousness and strips off her sexy nightie. He awakens the girl and proceeds to torment her and ultimately strangle her to death. He poses her naked body and calls the boyfriend to inform him of her newly "pure" status. Some time later, her corpse lays sprawled on the medical examiner's table.
Purity In Death - TessaPurity In Death - Tessa
A young, promiscuous morgue attendant is up for some kinky death fetish sex while the M.E. is away. She doesn't realize that Brother Adolphus is lurking nearby... and death, to him, is no game. He chokes the girl unconscious as she lays on the steel autopsy table awaiting her lover. When she awakens, he strangle her to death, "purifying" yet another immoral young woman.
Purity In Death - The SlutPurity In Death - The Slut
A wanton woman has seen the last of her hard drinking, drugged up, screw everybody days. She is next on the list for "purification" by the mad monk.
Quick Draw PokerQuick Draw Poker
Life in 1873 Whiskey Gulch was tough... and often short, if you happen to be a lovely lady. As our story opens, a couple of hands from the QX ranch come across a trio of beautiful cowgirls... and one of their stolen horses. One of the girls draws down on the men and catches some hot lead for her efforts. Her limp body is draped across the stolen horse and she and her cohorts are walked into town to face justice. A blood thirsty crowd gathers as the remaining two girls swing by their necks. But that's not all the blood that will be spilled that day in the rough and tumble town. After the bodies of the horse thieves are buried, the local saloon hosts an "after-party". As the ranch hands and town men enjoy the booze and local ladies, a card fight breaks out and lead flies again... managing to hit every girl in the joint. Just another day in Whiskey Gulch. Nothing left to do but clean up the bodies and advertise for more women.
Raid On Whiskey GulchRaid On Whiskey Gulch
A vicious group of outlaw women plan to rob the "rich folks" of Whiskey Gulch. Well, the Whiskey Gulch residents don't have any valuables for the bandits... but they do have plenty of bullets. The lead flies as, one by one, the bad girls bite the dirt. The bullet riddled bodies are dragged off to the undertaker and peace falls once again on Whiskey Gulch. Until the next time.
Raiding PartyRaiding Party
Life is tough trying to build a homestead on the open prairie... and sometimes, it's short. A lone prairie woman experiences this for herself when a couple of hungry indians attack her. They drag her to their camp, string her up and roast her over an open flame. Them prairie gals is good eatin'!
A sexy beautician and her boyfriend plan a robbery. But, when the gig goes bad, the girl and her best friend set up the boyfriend to take the fall. Of course, he does not take kindly to their efforts. The price for their betrayal is hot lead piercing their soft skin.
A crazed slasher is on a ... yes ... RAMPAGE! The action cuts between the violent and bloody deaths of five young women as they shower, the dumping ground of the killer and the morgue where the cold corpses are examined for evidence. Bloody! The DVD contains BOTH part 1 and part 2.
Random Acts of Killing - The ShowerRandom Acts of Killing - The Shower
A young woman is showering, feeling safe in her home, until a killer invades her privacy and shoots her dead. The coroner's men arrive some time later to process the body and transport it for autopsy.

DVD (contains BOTH "The Shower" and "The Student")
Random Acts of Killing - The StudentRandom Acts of Killing - The Student
A young woman showers, dresses and prepares to leave her apartment, but when she opens the door she faces the business end of a gun. One shot to the head and the girl sprawls dead to the floor. Medical examiners bag the body and take her to the morgue for a thorough examination.
Random Acts of Violence - HomeRandom Acts of Violence - Home
A young woman is surprised by a bullet to the brain as she exits her car. Cut to the morgue, where her body is thoroughly examined before being packed away.
Remember Me - The BeginningRemember Me - The Beginning
A corporate executive candidate is excited about her job prospects, since the owner of the company is an old high school classmate. Problem is, she wasn't very nice to him during his formative years. Now that she's within his grasp, he takes his revenge. While she enjoys her bath, he sneaks up behind her and strangles her to death. He drags her dripping corpse from the tub and drapes her across the sofa, enjoying her body for a while before taking his leave.
Restraining OrderRestraining Order
A naive woman figures the restraining order she has out on her former boyfriend will protect her... but a restraining order is just a piece of paper to a cold blooded killer. He suddenly appears in the doorway of her bathroom as she finishes a shower and displays his contempt for the courts with a shotgun.
Return of the South Side StranglerReturn of the South Side Strangler
The infamous strangler is back... and he's targeted another lovely unsuspecting victim! He sneaks up behind the lounging girl and chokes her into unconsciousness. He strips her and, when she awakens, he completes his awful task. He carries the limp body deep into the woods and dumps her. Another cold corpse sprawls across the medical examiner's table as the strangler roams free, searching for his next target.
Return to ParadiseReturn to Paradise
Two unsuspecting girls are lured to a fake "photo shoot" location in a remote area of an idyllic island. Two cannibal hunters spy on the girls as they make themselves comfortable and enjoy the natural beauty around them. The hunters shoot the girls with tranquilizer darts and carry them back to their truck. They are transported to a hunting cabin where the bound and gagged girls are informed that they will now be prey in a dastardly hunting game. The girls are stripped topless and ordered to run. The hunters track them down and bag their quarries. One girl is hung up and gutted, while the other is lowly roasted on an open fire spit.
Return To The Scene of the CrimeReturn To The Scene of the Crime
A horny CSI agent returns to the scene of a recent Southside Strangler killing, only to set herself up as the next victim!
Rich BitchesRich Bitches
A psychotic female security guard traps and kills unsuspecting co-eds in her twisted revenge plan. She bags them unconscious and transports them to her hideout, where she taunts them as she hangs them to death. This one features some bondage (including ball gag), a little pervy sexual action, baggings, hangings, even some smoking!
Rich Bitches 2  --  Final JudgmentRich Bitches 2 -- Final Judgment
The evil Judge Samuels uses the beautiful, but insane, campus security guard from the original "Rich Bitches" episode to help him with his dirty work as he doles out 'final justice' to two campus lovelies. The guard chloroform the first coed, strips her, ties her to a chair and bags her unconscious. When the coed's roommate shows up, the judge whacks her unconscious with the butt of his gun. Tied to another chair, the gagged roommate is forced to watch as her friend is hanged to death. The second coed is then stripped and brutally beheaded! But the guard makes a fatal mistake in trusting the judge. Her celebratory meal is drugged and she winds up tied to a chair and strangled for her troubles. This one has it ALL kids...lesbians, girls smoking, chloroform, drugging, gagging, a bagging, a long and satisfying hanging sequence, a wild beheading (Blood spurts! Watch out!), a strangling and - of course - gorgeous nearly naked victims!
Maria picks the wrong spot at the wrong time for some sunbathing and winds up catching a stray bullet. In a panic about what to do witht he fresh corpse, her boyfriend settles on the logical solution...have a barbecue! A sympathetic friend stops by and helps as Maria's body is hung up and gutted, then tied to a spit and roasted to a tasty golden brown over an open flame. Cannibal lovers dig in!
Ritual SlaughterRitual Slaughter
Two young women investigating the ritual slaughter of animals in a foreign land find themselves on the wrong end of the knife.
Robbery At Whiskey GulchRobbery At Whiskey Gulch
Two cowgirls saunter into the local saloon with a stack of cash and bad attitudes, annoying a local gunslinger. Things quickly turn violent, then the bullets fly... and the only person who wins in this game is the undertaker. He strips the bodies of their valuables (and their clothes), tosses the naked corpses onto his trusty horse and hauls them off to his workshop to prepare them for boot hill.
Room Service - AsphyxRoom Service - Asphyx
This is the ASPHYX version of one of our most popular downloads! A lovely B-Movie actress enjoys a luxurious shower in her hotel suite (and we enjoy watching her). Complimentary wine arrives and the thirsty young thing slurps it up. She retires to the bed where she pleasures herself until the drug takes hold. The hotel man returns to enjoy a leisurely evening of body posing and photos with the unconscious naked starlet. This ASPHYX version includes an extended body manipulation scene and, of course, the big ASPHYX ending when the starlet awakens before the hotel man is finished.
Roommates 2004Roommates 2004
Two beautiful blonde roommates are sharing a bed. One awakens and heads for the shower as the other stretches out and goes back to sleep. They are both unaware of the killer who has entered their home. The sleeping roommate is rudely awakened by the intruder as he strangles her to death. The showering roommate enters the room, unaware that her roommate has just been murdered. As she approaches her roommates' body, the stranger leaps out from his hiding place and strangles her, too. He enjoys playing with the two voluptuous bodies for a while before leaving. Two great strangulations and two gorgeous girls make this one heaven for asphyx fans!
Roommates 2010Roommates 2010
The psycho killer with a bad reaction to girl-girl lovin' returns. He watches from the shadows as two hot bodies do their thing. When one leaves to shower, he strangles the other as she lounges naked in her bed. Then, it's off to the bathroom to throttle that other dirty girl. HD, baby!
Rub A Dub Dub (Dead Girls In A Tub)Rub A Dub Dub (Dead Girls In A Tub)
A young woman relaxes in her tub, unaware that a killer is stalking up behind her. He strangles her to death. When her lesbo friend arrives and tries to revive her, she catches two shotgun barrels to the chest.
Saloon Shootout FunSaloon Shootout Fun
A bunch of cowpokes and nekkid gals are having a high ol' time at the local saloon... until an outlaw shows up and starts shooting down the girls when he doesn't get what he wants. Of course, cowboys need their fun, so they don't let this interruption ruin their Saturday night.
Santa Is Coming To Kill YouSanta Is Coming To Kill You
Saphire sucks up to Santa in order to become one of his "favored elves". Little does she realize that, to this Santa, the best elf is a dead elf! He chokes her unconscious, then enjoys unwrapping and playing with his very own present! Santa carries her lovely, limp elfin body from couch to chair as he poses and admires the hottest gift of the season. When she awakens, he strangles her and displays her on a table.
Savannah StabbedSavannah Stabbed
Murderous Jethro is out of jail and on the trail of the woman who put him away. Beautiful Savannah is out of town and figures she is safe, but she's wrong. As she showers her luscious body, Jethro sneaks into her hotel room. She steps out of the shower and into the point of Jethro's knife. Her pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears as the blade plunges into her soft flesh. The killer poses her naked corpse to his satisfaction before leaving.
Security RisksSecurity Risks
An official who works at a top secret government facility talks too much to the prostitutes he frequents. Two agents are sent to clean up the mess and "plug" the leaks. The girls are driven deep into the desert on the pretext of providing information for the government investigation. Once they are isolated and helpless, the agents get down to their dirty work. The women are instructed to strip naked. The terrified girls are gunned down, then the corpses are dragged into a waiting ditch for burial.
Serial Hangman - SavanahSerial Hangman - Savanah
A high-priced call girl visits a mysterious house in search of erotic adventure (and a paycheck). A taped voice instructs her to take two pills. As the drug takes effect, Savanah enters a trance-like state of sexual excitement. Her drugged dreams take a turn toward erotic asphyxiation...or are they just dreams? Savanah finishes her adventure dangling at the end of a rope. The mysterious host removes her limp body, carrying it deep into the woods for burial.
Serial Hangman - VictoriaSerial Hangman - Victoria

He stalks his victims and chloroforms them. Then he takes them to the gibbet he uses in a secluded location. After he watches them hang, he cuts their nude bodies down. Then he carries them to another area where their bodies are found.

Victoria is the 4th victim. There will be others.

Serial Hangman -- VeronikaSerial Hangman -- Veronika
Another high priced call girl falls victim to the mysterious serial hangman. The unsuspecting girl is drugged into believing she is participating in a unique erotic experience, but the "experience" leaves her dangling at the end of the hangman's rope. This one features smoking, mind control, some light bondage and, of course, a nice hanging.
Serial Hangman: The Hitch HikerSerial Hangman: The Hitch Hiker

Tessa gets a "Dear Jill" letter from her B/F who is away at college. Seems he's found someone else and he won't be seeing her any more. Her devastation doesn't last long. She decides to dress up, hitch hike to town to a singles spot, and find herself a new guy.

Her mistake is accepting a ride from Ned, the serial strangler actively working the community with 4 kills to his credit. He drives her to a remote location, chloroforms her and carries her to his lair. He calls his patron, Mr. B who gives Ned instructions on hanging her. The next morning, Ned chloroforms her again, strips her naked, and carries her to the Gibbet in the forest. There he puts the nude Tessa on a stool, puts the noose on her, and soon she's dancing on the rope. After she's still, Ned cuts her down. He has to pull on the rope a little as she's still twitching after she hits the ground. When she's finally dead, he carries the beautiful, naked Tessa out into the forest and leaves her body. The next day she's in the morgue, being examined by Dr. Porter.

Serial StranglerSerial Strangler
A lovely young woman chats away on the phone, unaware that a killer has entered her home. As she hangs up the phone, she feels the cord tighten around her neck. Soon, her body lays still, sprawled across the mattress. The killer poses her body before taking a souvenir and making his exit.
Shooting MarinaShooting Marina
Our man with the gun fantasizes about shooting the lovely but treacherous Marina. He replays scenarios over and over in his mind until, finally, he makes his fantasies a reality. Marina's beautiful staring dead eyes will keep you entertained for hours. The bod's pretty good, too!
Shootout at the Iron Horse SaloonShootout at the Iron Horse Saloon
A gang of Wild West Women show up at the local saloon to get rowdy... and get ready to rob the bank! But, the law is on to them and they're not getting anywhere near the town vault. The undertaker is about to have a very busy day.
Shotgun BlastShotgun Blast
A semi-nude Anaya is suprised in the bathroom by an assassin. She takes one full in the chest.
Shotgun Blast - ParisShotgun Blast - Paris
Paris enjoys a nice, long shower as the camera lovingly looks in. Suddenly, her peaceful evening is rudely interrupted by a shotgun wielding maniac. He pumps her beautiful naked body full of lead. She gasps and chokes as blood mingles with her tub water. Her body thrashes against the porcelain as she slowly dies. Bloody!! Includes an alternate edit of the death scene after the credits.
Show Us The MoneyShow Us The Money
A group of women think they have it made as they hang out and plan how they're going to spend the bag of money they've stolen from the mob. Unfortunately, a gang of enforcers spoils their dreams of the good life... or life at all. The girls are forced to strip at gunpoint. They're searched thoroughly, but no money turns up, until the fourth accomplice shows up with the loot. She is made to strip, as well, and all four are taken to a wilderness death pit that has been dug just for them.
Shower Stabbing - TriciaShower Stabbing - Tricia
Here's one for the Psycho fans! A beautiful woman goes about her morning routine, but her shower is violently interrupted by a crazed knife wielding maniac. Of course, we show you all the blood Hitch left out.
Silent NightSilent Night
Sapphire the Elf is busily decorating the apartment and shaking her tight little ass. When she shakes it a little too hard, she falls off the ladder and breaks her lovely neck. Imagine Santa's dismay when he arrives to find the beautiful corpse. The jolly old fellow gets over his grief pretty quickly, though, and proceeds to enjoy Sapphire's incredible body as it cools. All fun must end, as Santa has gifts to deliver. So, he leaves Sapphire sprawled across a low table, decorated with a nice red bow! Maybe he'll come back for another visit on the 26th.
Skeletal RemainsSkeletal Remains
Holmes uses his mystical deductive powers to reconstitute the final living moments of a girl whose body has been reduced to a few bones and a skull. She accidentally asphyxiates during rough bondage sex. Her distraught lover then removes her body and dumps it in the woods to be disposed of by animals and the elements.
Slashed in the ShowerSlashed in the Shower
Having stolen $250,000 a young woman holes up in a cheesy hotel near the border. She's gotten away with the robbery, but fate is about to deal her a little twist. As she showers off the dust of the road, a masked intruder sneaks into her room. As she finishes her shower and turns, she comes face to face with the inruder's deadly blade. In the blink of an eye, her warm blood is flowing out into the tub. Bloody!
A beautiful woman means to put an end to a shitty week with a handful of pills, a drink and a hot bath. Unfortunately, her week is about to get even shittier. As she nods in the tub, a crazed slasher enters her bathroom. The razor sharp knife slides through the soft flesh of her throat. Blood spurts, turning her bath water bright red, as she writhes and gasps her final breaths. Bloody!
Sleep Like the DeadSleep Like the Dead
A beautiful woman is awakened from a deep sleep by a scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. She struggles, but in vain. The killer strips off her night clothes and postions the body for viewing by the crime lab.
Valorie plays her music too loud. The neighbor decides to turn down her volume with a switchblade knife while she's taking a shower! There's plenty to see in this one. Valorie dancing with wild abandon in her undies...voyeur fans will enjoy the hidden camera style shower scene...and the blood-spurting climax shows you everything you wished you'd seen in Psycho!
Smoking Out A KillerSmoking Out A Killer
Naked corpses wearing blond wigs are being discovered in cheap motel rooms. Forensics investigators are following the clues. A maniacal evangelist is hiring young call girls, only to strangle them to death as punishment for being "sinners". In part one, we see two young women killed by the lunatic as the investigators begin pursuing their case. Part two shows the CSI team taking their investigation to the next level. They are able to gather both biological evidence and a fingerprint (lifted from the corpse of victim #2 by using a tent and fumigating her corpse with CyanoAcrylate). We end with a young victim on the medical examiner's autopsy table as a field investigator interviews a potential witness.
South Side Strangler Kills AgainSouth Side Strangler Kills Again
The South Side Strangler and his infamous pheromone concoction have struck again! This time, a young hooker is excited about a big payday, but doesn't live to see the windfall.
Southside Strangler Claims Karen StarSouthside Strangler Claims Karen Star
A beautiful young girl sunbathes topless, thinking she is alone... but the infamous Southside Strangler lurks nearby. He chokes her into unconsciousness, to prepare her for his ritual strangulation. Her body is dumped in a field and, ultimately ends up as more cold meat on the coroner's table.
Spy TerminationSpy Termination
A beautiful Russian spy enjoys a hot bath. Her agency phones to warn her of a hitman on her trail, but Natasha is confident she can handle any eventuality. Sure enough, the gun wielding thug shows up as Natasha pleasures herself in the swirling water. Natasha attempts to seduce her way out of the predicament, offering sex instead of violence, but the hitman resists her charms and pumps a slug between her lovely breasts. The overconfident spy's blood mingles with the cooling bath water as she dies. The hitman then removes her to the bed to take her up on her offer.
Stalker StranglerStalker Strangler
An intruder watches from the shadows as a young lesbian couple frolic in the "privacy" of their home. You get a killer's-eye-view as he strangles both girls, then poses the bodies.
Stalking PixieStalking Pixie
We have a stalker's-eye-view as he follows Pixie through the events of her last day of life. Getting bolder as he invisibly follows her, he enters her room while she is deafened by headphones. When she finally becomes aware of his presence, he attacks. He snaps her neck, then plays with the body.
Strangled For NothingStrangled For Nothing
A happy hooker agrees to be tied to a bed to please her john. Not a good idea. This guy isn't here for a tickle or spank. He's into the heavy stuff. The poor girl ends up being strangled to death, another corpse waiting patiently behind the crime scene tape.
Strangled in SeattleStrangled in Seattle
An intruder chokes a beautiful blond unconscious from behind, then removes her robe. He fondles her until she awakens, then begins his strangulation torture. He strangles her unconscious, wakes her up, then strangles her again ... until he takes it all the way. He ties his weapon around her throat and poses her on the bed and the chair.
A lovely young girl chats on the phone, unaware of the mad strangler who has broken into her apartment. As she hangs up the phone, he makes his move. The helpless girl struggles in vain, finally falling limp in his killing grasp. He tosses the girl over his shoulder and removes her to a secluded area, where her body is eventually discovered and taken to the morgue for examination.
Strangler IIIStrangler III
A young woman's body lays cold and silent on the medical examiner's table. Flash back to her demise, as she is strangled to death in her shower. A long, red-faced strangle will delight asphyx fans! The killer drags her out of the bathroom and into his van, where he transports her into the deep woods for a body dump. Watch for a very unique carry through the woods. Carrying fans must add this one to their collection! Soon, the dump site is lined with crime tape and the CSI investigators are gathering what little evidence the killer has left behind.
Strangler V - SophiaStrangler V - Sophia
A naked corpse lays in a field, then on the cold morgue slab - as flashbacks tell the story of how she got dead.
Strangler VII - FelicityStrangler VII - Felicity
A scantily clad woman, lounging at home, discusses a rash of brutal stranglings near her home with a friend on the phone. She thinks she is safely locked inside her home, but she is soon added to the growing list of victims. The strangler has found his way inside her house. He grabs her from behind and chokes her unconscious. He strips her limp body and she awakens to find her own stocking pulled tightly around her throat. She thrashes and bucks as the strangler applies pressure. He enjoys her fresh corpse for a bit, before heading off to find his next victim.
The Hangin' Judge doles out some more back woods justice to a poor unfortunate girl who doesn't realize that Bushwhack County has a LOT of laws... but only one penalty for breaking them. The naked lovely dangles from the end of a rope until she learns her lesson... or until dead... whichever comes last.
Strip Search 2004Strip Search 2004
A beautiful Russian spy is betrayed by her countryman. She is taken by surprise when he pumps her full of lead. As she lays bleeding, he strip searches her to find the microchip she has hidden on her person.
Sudden DeathSudden Death
A young woman enjoys a session of phone sex with her boyfriend until she works herself up into a horny lather. As she waits for her man to arrive and finish the job in person, she is suddenly attacked by her own brain. She convulses uncontrollably until her body finally shuts down. Enter the medical examiner, who bags her hands and makes a preliminary examination of the body. She is removed to the morgue, where he makes a closer inspection.
Suicide PactSuicide Pact
Four despondent young women make a suicide pact.
One by one, they dangle at the end of ropes.
Taken For A RideTaken For A Ride
A beautiful young woman lies cold on the autopsy table. We flash back to the event which brought her to this grim end. Under false pretenses, she is driven into the deep woods. She's been fingered as a snitch by her mob "family". The hitman coerces her into stripping, before plugging her between the eyes. Her naked body is left in the woods, eventually to be surrounded by crime scene tape. We return to the autopsy table, where the examiner continues his grisly work.
Tattoo Killer - 2nd VictimTattoo Killer - 2nd Victim
Another painted woman falls victim to the body art obsessed serial killer. He chokes her into unconsciousness so he can examine her etchings, then he finishes the job with a stiff cord.
TeacherTeacher's Revenge
A teacher enacts a twisted revenge on the lovely young student tease who got him fired. He chloroforms and kidnaps her, drives her deep into the woods, strips her, whips her firm young bottom and forces her into depraved sexual acts before strangling her to death. The education system in this country has really gone to hell.
TelemarketerTelemarketer's Dream
A group of beautiful telemarketers are enjoying another day of scamming innocent customers, when one customer takes serious objection. His angry threats freak out the lead telemarketer and, when she closes her eyes for a quick nap to recover from her experience, she dreams of angry armed men entering the building and cutting them all down in a fury of blood and naked bodies (in her dream, all of the women are naked, so apparently she has other issues, as well). When she awakens and attempts to get back to work, her horrible dream comes true and the girls soon face real men with real guns.
Tender MeatTender Meat
Two anxious young models are hired by a meat company to star in a photo shoot for their new ad campaing... "Our meat is as tender as a young girl's bottom". What the models don't realize is that the company's meat products actually ARE young girls' bottoms! One girl's throat is slit as she hangs "posing" for the photographer. When the other girls sees the body, she is choked into unconsciousness. Her naked body is strung up and she is strangled to death. The corpses are left hanging side by side to bleed out before packing.
Tender Meat 2Tender Meat 2
Once again, two naive young models fall victim to the murderous meat photographer. He talks them into provacative poses hanging naked upside down, then murders them for their meat. One girl's throat is slit while she hangs helplessly. The other is choked unconscious, hung up, then strangled to death.
Tender Meat 3 - Saving the AnimalsTender Meat 3 - Saving the Animals
Three lovely young animal rights activists end up on the endangered species list themselves, when they encounter a murderous meat farmer and his club. Each girl is rendered unconscious, strung up, stripped and bled as she is prepared for shipment to Hank's Meats.
Terminated TraitorsTerminated Traitors
Two traitors are lined up in front of a wall and executed by a bullet to the head. Cut to the morgue, where the sheet-covered bodies lay, awaiting examination. Kitty is first. She is carried to the autopsy table, stripped and thoroughly examined. Kitty is return to her table and the coroner turns his attentions to the lovely Savannah. He takes his time poring over every inch of her lovely chilled skin.
The AuditionThe Audition

She's new in town. She needs to pay the rent. There's an ad in the local paper, "Model Needed" It pays $1400 per day. She calls and arranges an audition for the job.

They have her change into a new outfit. She strips in front of them unabashedly. They tell her she's got the job and they start to walk toward the gibbet. She sees the noose and bolts, but it's too late. The drag her back to the building, strip her down to her bra and panties and drag her to the gibbet. The take her bra and tie her hands behind her. They put her on the stool. She fights every step of the way. No use. Her panties come down. They rock the stool a little to torment her. Finally, the stool is kicked out and she hangs, naked, kicking, twitching, until she is dead, her body gently twisting at the end of the rope.

It's over for her. She becomes one of the 80,000 people that go missing each year.

Time for the boys to run a new ad.

The Canizon CollectionThe Canizon Collection
The Canizon warrior captures a rival forest cutie and leads her to a staging area, where the victim is hoisted into the air for meal prep. Her throat is cut and she is left to dangle by one foot and twitch as she bleeds out. The victim is then skewered on a spit and roasted to culinary perfection. Canibal fans and "pole-through-the-girl" freaks will flip for this one!

An unlucky amazon wanders into canizon territory when she takes a shortcut to her village. She meets up with a hungry canizon who knocks her out after a ferocious sword fight. The defeated amazon is gutted alive and hung upside down to bleed out. The amazon is then impaled on a spit and slow-roasted over the canizon's dinner fire.

It's no wonder the Canizon tribe is nearly extinct. Those girls just don't have much luck. After a confrontation with a vengeful bow hunter, the curvy Canizon warrior takes one in the back. He taunts the Canizon as she dies a slow and bloody death, then carries her back to his camp where he strips and guts her. When she has "cured" properly, she is spitted and roasted over an open flame.
The City That Never SleepsThe City That Never Sleeps
A noir-style murder spree leaves a bloody crime scene. A crooked lawyer decides things are getting too hot and he needs to get out. He cuts his losses by cutting out his associates... with some hot lead. He drags the bloody bodies into the bathroom and enjoys their "charms" one last time. Two shapely young corpses end up on the cold, steel medical examiner's table.
The CleanerThe Cleaner
A young woman's usual massage therapist has taken an uncharacteristic "sick day". The new masseuse rubs the young woman's naked body down with soothing oil. When the totally relaxed girl least expects it, a karate chop to her exposed throat plunges her gagging into death convulsions. Once the girl has gasped her final breath, the assassin calls The Cleaner. The assassin and the cleaner wrap the girl up and haul her off to a warehouse, where her naked body is hung from the ceiling for prep before it is shipped off to cannibal clients. But, The Cleaner has one more collection to make before she is done. She zaps the assassin unconscious with a tazer, then strips and hangs her beside the other cooling body. When the assassin awakens, hanging upside down beside her previous victim, The Cleaner strangles her to finish the job. Both corpses are then prepped and stuffed into shipping containers.
The Crossbow IncidentThe Crossbow Incident
A blushing bride and her bridesmaids primp and prepare for the big day, but things are about to take a turn for the worse. There's a madman on the property and he's giving his high-tech crossbow a workout! The deadly arrows zing through the air and smack into the girls' soft flesh. One by one they fall to his weapon, their blood flowing from the piercing wounds. Their naked bodies end up stacked in a corner of the honeymoon cabin.
The Drunken Sheriff (of Whiskey Gulch)The Drunken Sheriff (of Whiskey Gulch)
A beautiful bounty hunter arrives in Whiskey Gulch and tries to wrangle some information about an outlaw from the totally soused female sheriff. Instead, she ends up downing glass after glass of bad whiskey right along with her. The two plastered cowgirls end up naked and staring down the barrel of each other's guns. Whiskey and hot lead don't mix well and we end up with another lovely body on the undertaker's table.
The Electrocution of RyAnneThe Electrocution of RyAnne
A nubile young southern belle has been convicted of murdering her husband. The topless prisoner is strapped to the electric chair. The current cuts a devastating path through her body as she is sent convulsing and writhing toward final justice.
The End of The RopeThe End of The Rope
A young woman is way too attached to texting. When she discovers that her service is being disconnected due to non-payment, it pushes her over the edge. Despondent, she hangs herself. That'll teach those phone company bastards! Well, maybe not. At least the next door neighbor gets a nice necro-feel before the cops show up.
The Great Peckerwood Bank RobberyThe Great Peckerwood Bank Robbery
A gang of sexy female bandits hold up the bank in the sleepy town of Peckerwood. What they didn't count on was that the men of Peckerwood were just waitin' for an excuse to shoot sumpin'. The girls will do nicely. By the time the shootin' is done, Peckerwood is littered with half-dressed, bullet-riddled female bodies. Darn tootin'.
The Great Peckerwood Bikini ShootoutThe Great Peckerwood Bikini Shootout
The bored cowpokes of Peckerwood amuse themselves by pitting topless cowgirls against each other in duels. They bet on the results and carry off the losers. Gotta love the wild, wild west.
The Hanging Of Svetlana SmiroffThe Hanging Of Svetlana Smiroff

Svetlana thinks she's clever, adding her "secret ingredient" to the family product. She doesn't realize that pissing in the vodka is a hanging offense in Smiroff country.

The Houston StoryThe Houston Story
There are a million ways to die in the dirty city. Two treacherous mob molls discover one of them. Hot lead to the breasts. One wayward girl is plugged as she tries to talk her way out of certain death. The other is driven to a remote location, perforated, then dumped. A local resident stumbles upon the cooling corpse in a field and takes a few minutes to explore the body before calling the authorities. Outtakes and previews follow the feature.
The Hunt 2000 (full feature)The Hunt 2000 (full feature)
Three unfortunate women are stripped and set loose in the deep woods, to try to outrun a group of doe hunters. Of course, they don't get very far. The first, a buxom blond, is shot down and strung up to bleed out. The second girl is given a knife and a chance to defend herself. But, when knife and gun do battle, gun always wins. Her cooling corpse is carried back to camp. Great ots carries and Linly's awesome death stare highlight part one!

Part two picks up with a nice long ots carry of Linly through the woods. Focus then shifts to the third girl, who meets a stranger on a dirt road and offers "anything" for his help. After a brief roadside encounter, she is rewarded with an arrow to the back. Turns out her knight in shining armour is actually a late arriving hunter. He drapes his naked trophy across the hood of his car and proceeds to camp, where two of the girls are spit roasted for dinner and the third is stuffed for diplay in the lodge. Lots to love here...great naked ots and cradle carries, a bow shot, a roadside BJ, a very unique hood ornament, a utility trailer full of bouncing naked girl flesh, spit roasting & a human statue!
The Hunt 2001 (full feature)The Hunt 2001 (full feature)
starring: Marina & Synthia
length: 51 minutes
producer: Rainforest Studios

Marina is shot down, stripped and gutted by the buxom hunter, Synthia. Then, the tables are turned and Synthia gets an arrow in the back for her troubles. Both women are dumped into a frontloader and transported to a staging area, where they are hoisted into the air feet-first. Beautiful lingering shots of the girls' naked bodies twisting upside-down, excellent "dead" acting from both ladies and a wild barbecue finale will make this one the pride of your collection!

starring: Marina & Valorie
length: 48 minutes
The twin sister of an earlier victim (also played by Marina) tries her best to outlast the bow hunter...but, alas, she fails. Her dead body is carried to the handy frontloader and driven off to the processing plant. At the plant, she's hoisted up feet-first, stripped and gutted. Then, she's wrapped up neatly in plastic to prevent spoilage during shipment. Meanwhile, back in the woods, Valorie makes her "run for the money". A solid arrow strike dashes her hopes of a wealthy future...or any future at all. The hunter has his way with her as she dies. Valorie is then carried to the hoist, raised up and processed. This video is packed full of great upside-down hanging, carrying, girls who know how to stay limp and long scenes of the stuff you love best.
The Hunt 2002The Hunt 2002
The hunt is on! Lovely young ladies try to hide from cannibalistic game hunters, vying for a big money prize. Needless to say, the prize money will stay safely in the bank, as one-by-one the girls find out it's not easy being a doe. Detours are taken to dispose of a beautiful blackmailer and enjoy a nice barbecue. Hangings, guttings, gunshots, spit-roasting... you're gonna LOVE IT!

The hunt continues as young women fall victim to cannibalistic hunters by way of arrows, bullets, a blow to the head, even a poison dart. This video is packed with great stuff, including realistic throat-cutting, one-legged hangings, two straight-up-the-center impalings and spit-roastings that are sure to make this a favorite in your collection!
The Hunt 2005The Hunt 2005
A whopping feature-length story jammed full of the gory female hunting action that is a RueMorgue fan favorite!
Another group of beautiful, but hapless, environmentalists fall prey to the hunters from Hank's Meats. One by one they are felled by rifle, arrow, rope and kife. Their cooling bodies are hung side by side and prepped for the freezer. Ultimately, they are headed for the roasting spit.
See the horror on the faces of the girls when they encounter the Wall of Trophy Heads!
Marvel at the naked hood ornament gleaming in the sun!
Watch the lovely stripped bodies swing slowly in the forest breeze!
Nobody hunts like RueMorgue! Enjoy!
The InformantThe Informant
A change of pace this time, with a CSI-style procedural that follows the dead body of a beautiful police informant from the crime scene investigation to the coroner's office.
The JudgeThe Judge
The Judge hires two beautiful hookers to perform for him. He watches them get it on, then takes them into the next room for some bondage action. Once tied, the girls are helpless and the judge goes to work. He bags one girl to death as the other watches, screaming in horror. He then strangles the second girl and photographs their corpses. Plenty of lesbian lovin', bondage, bagging and strangling.
The Judge - Chapter III BetrayalThe Judge - Chapter III Betrayal
A murderous lesbian sets up an unsuspecting beauty for a killing at Judge Samuels' place. The naive girl is talked into a hanging fantasy that ends up as reality. Of course, one should never turn their back on the judge ... and when the lesbian killer does just that, she winds up with a plastic bag as her reward.
The Lonely RoadThe Lonely Road
A scheming wife plots to rid herself of her rich husband. Her partner in crime waits deep in the woods as the wife lures her husband to his doom. But, the husband has a few tricks up his sleeve... and a handgun in his coat. Sorry ladies. Turnabout is fair play! He pumps both ladies full of lead, strips them, tosses their naked bodies into a hole and buries his troubles for good.
The Necktie Strangler Meets BrookeThe Necktie Strangler Meets Brooke

Brooke is a beautiful co-ed. She is sleeping in her room when the Necktie Killer pays her a visit. He chokes her out and then proceeds to strip her lovely body. When she begins to emerge from unconsciousness, he strangles the nude coed to death. Her beautiful corpse is left sprawled on the bed for discovery by the crime scene crew.

The Passion of Sister AnnThe Passion of Sister Ann
...and now for something completely different!
Three young nuns are tormented by their sinful thoughts. They insist upon crucifixion as their penance. Father Coppafeelio reluctantly agrees. The nuns linger for days upon their crosses, unwilling to be taken down until they are absolved. Before the ordeal has ended, two of the nuns have succumbed and only Sister Ann remains to mourn them.
The PoserThe Poser
An evil doctor lures a "Private Dancer" to his room with the promise of money and a hot new drug. He persuades her to pleasure herself as he injects the drug to heighten the effect. He injects the writhing girl, who convulses and succumbs to the drug. The injection also has the effect of quickly stiffening her body and the doctor takes full advantage of it by posing the girl's naked body like a life-size mannequin. After he has had his fun, he leaves the corpse posed for the cops to find.
The QuestionThe Question
A group of call-girls have a plan to grab their pimp's money and disappear. They're about to disappear, but not in the way they expected. The pimp hires a hitman to get his money back and dispose of the troublesome girls. He forces one of the girls to tie another one to a chair, as he begins to interrogate them to find out where they hid the money. To set the right tone, he shoots the bound girl dead. He compels one of the girls to wrap the cooling corpse in plastic, then he plugs the wrapper when she tries to run. The remaining girl gets the job of wrapping the second corpse. The hitman then forces the remaining girl to help him transport the plastic-wrapped corpses to a remote location. On the way, she calls a fourth girl, who has the money, and arranges for her to bring the money to them in order to spare their lives. Once he has the money, the hitman forces the remaining two girls to strip. One girl makes a run for it and gets plugged in the back. The last girl standing tries to make a deal, but the grave soon holds four corpses.
The RanchThe Ranch
Stalkers follow a beautiful girl through the grocery store and back to her house (some great up-skirt shots here). They spy on her as she sleeps and showers, then they tazer her unconscious and stuff her in their van. They continue on to the ranch where her body is prepped and roasted over an open flame. The roasting spit scene will instantly become a cannibal favorite!
The Real ThingThe Real Thing
A fake snuff film turns all-to-real for two young models. The girls happily mug for the camera, with one playing a sadistic kidnapper and the other an unfortunate victim. But the film maker is after a more realistic scene and the girls become real victims, as one is strangled and the other chloroformed. Then, they are both beheaded for the unblinking eye of the camera.
The Sheriff and the BanditThe Sheriff and the Bandit
A beautiful stagecoach robber drifts into the wrong town. The trigger-happy sheriff is there to greet her and reward her for her efforts with some hot lead to the chest. Another shapely outlaw graces the undertaker's table.
The Spring Break StranglerThe Spring Break Strangler
Six unsuspecting girls are enjoying their spring break. But their dream vacation is about to come to a violent end. A serial strangler has targeted them as his next victims. One by one, he attacks the girls and strangles them to death.
The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me
Two lesbo spies enjoy some quality down time in a hotel room, unaware that they will soon be down permanently. The hitmen sneak into the room, plugging one girl on the bed and the other in the bath tub. The fresh corpses are wrapped in plastic and carried out of the room to be sold for parts. Bonus scenes follow the feature!
The TapeThe Tape
Two beautiful sisters are missing in war ravaged Russia. Their concerned brother receives a phone call from a mysterious man who informs him of the sisters' fate. For a price, the man agrees to show the brother a recording of what happened to his siblings. The brother watches the video intently as his sisters are brutally tortured, interrogated and murdered. After getting what he had been searching for, the brother gets his own kind of "closure".
The Tattoo Killer - First VictimThe Tattoo Killer - First Victim
The hooded man has a "killer" tattoo fetish. He hunts down beautiful young painted ladies to admire their body art. Of course, she needs to stay still for him to get a good look, so he chokes her into unconsciousness and plays with her tattoos until she awakens. He then strangles her to death and carries the body into the woods for disposal.
The VampireThe Vampire's Brides
A sexy lesbian vampire mezmerizes, then feasts upon, two lovely young women - with the vampire killer in hot pursuit. He is too late to save the girls, but finally catches up to the vampire as she lays asleep in her coffin. He plunges a wooden stake into her heart and ends her reign of terror.
The Violent YearsThe Violent Years
After a successful heist, there's a bag full of money that would be a lot better split one way than three. The gang leader decides to increase her percentage by decreasing the members in her gang. Unfortunately for the disloyal leader, one of her gang members has the same idea. This homage to femme fatale movies features three drop-dead sexy girls being bad. A forensic investigation of the aftermath examines the scene of a brutal drowning and lethal gunplay.
Three HangingsThree Hangings
It's a hanging fans triple feature as a kidnap victim and two suspected witches are put to the noose in three swinging vignettes!
To Die In Her SleepTo Die In Her Sleep
A beautiful woman reads herself to sleep... apparently a very deep sleep, because an intrude enters her room and proceeds to play with her sleeping body until he's ready to awaken her to his strangling cord. He brutally garrotes the beauty until her naked form lies still once more. Lots of nice limb play with the gorgeous Savannah. Foot version has over 5 additional minutes of... well... feet!
Treacherous SecretaryTreacherous Secretary
A secretary betrays her co-worker and allows a hitman to enter the building to take her out. The girl's bullet riddled body is stripped and wrapped in plastic for disposal. But the treacherous secretary gets her turn when the hitman makes her part of the cleanup. He brought along some extra plastic, just for her. Some nice upskirt and hosiery shots in this one, plus lots of blood for the shooting fans!
Trespassers Must DieTrespassers Must Die
A couple girls decide to camp out and smoke pot in the woods. Unfortunately, there are steep penalties for trespassing on the land around these parts. The psychotic owner stalks and executes the girls. One is darted into unconsciousness as she squats to do her business. She is carried to a warehouse, shot dead with an arrow, then dumped into a ditch. The second girl is darted and strung up by her feet. She is then strangled to death and joins her friend in the ditch. A third girl comes looking for her friends and does not fare any better. She is bludgeoned and stripped, then her throat is slit. We end our story in a ditch piled with naked trespasser corpses. There's a little bit of everything in this one... arrows, darts, strangling, bondage, knives and plenty of cradle and ots carrying!
Trespassing CheerleaderTrespassing Cheerleader
A perky cheerleader's jalopy dies on a country road. She bounces through the woods looking for some help and encounters a hard-assed guard at a secret compound. She is forced to dig her own grave and strip naked, before the guard shoots her down and shoves her into the hole. One more shot to the head finshes the job and he shovels the dirt back over the cooling corpse.
Tricia HangedTricia Hanged
A killer is on the loose, hanging young women in their homes. Tricia is nervous about staying home alone...but no need to worry...she's NOT alone! The killer has chosen her as his next victim. He chloroforms, ties her and leads her down to the basement. Tricia puts up a mighty struggle, but the noose eventually finds its way around her pretty neck, stretching it to distortion as she slowly dies.
TriciaTricia's Last Gasp
Beautiful Death Row inmate Tricia enters the gas chamber in silence and strips off her prison orange jumpsuit. She sits down nervously in the gas chamber chair and the executioner straps her in. He leaves the room and, a few moments later, the lethal gas begins to flood the chamber. The prisoner gags and convulses in the chair, frothing at the mouth until the ghastly poison does its work. Her body is stripped and deposited into a front loader, where she is driven off to be buried in an unmarked grave.
True Detective OperationTrue Detective Operation
A beautiful young model is hired for an "out-of-the-ordinary" photo shoot, where real crimes are "re-enacted". The photographer makes several passes at a strangling re-enactment, each time "accidentally" pulling a little too hard. The pissed off model allows one more try and the photographer goes all the way. He's left with a gorgeous naked corpse to pose as he wishes. When he's finished, he tosses the girl's limp body into a trash can and deposits her into an anonymous dumpster. This is the complete, full length movie version of the story.
Tub DeadTub Dead
A vengeful girl invites all of the women who have done her wrong to a "bury the hatchet" hot tub party. As the naked women splash and joke merrily, she hands them poisoned drinks. One by one, the poisoned women convulse and die as the others look on in horror and confusion. The killer sits back and enjoys the show until the last of her enemies is belly-up. She enjoys playing with their dead bodies for a while, then takes her own life with a bullet to the chest. A short time later, the husband of one of the women discovers the steaming pool of dead girls. He drags their dripping bodies from the tub and carries them to the deck, where he stacks them up before calling the police.
Two For The HanginTwo For The Hangin' Judge
He's at it again. This time the offenses are double parking and driving while talking on a cell phone. The penalties, of course... hanging by the neck until dead. The girls think it's all a "scared straight" act by the local authorities, until the noose bites into their tender necks.
Two Girls Gunned DownTwo Girls Gunned Down
Two nubile young commandos are betrayed by their squad leader. He leads them into an ambush where the girls are mowed down in a hail of machine gun fire. The shooter watches as they die writhing in agony. He approaches and pumps more lead into their perforated bodies, to finish them off. He then hangs their naked corpses upside down from a tree for display.
Two Hangings - RyAnneTwo Hangings - RyAnne
The beautiful RyAnne is featured in two hanging scenarios. In Hanged For Shoplifting, she is put to the rope by an executioner monk. The second hanging, Rejected Cheerleader, is strictly "do-it-yourself".
Ultimate HostessesUltimate Hostesses
At RueMorgue Spa, the fun don't stop till the hostesses drop! Weary businessmen are entertained by two gorgeous hostesses with lap dances and dangling titty chains. When the gents are ready for the grand finale, the girls are given a two gun salute for their effort. Throw in a strangle for an encore... Good times!
Unlucky In LoveUnlucky In Love
This unfortunate fellow can't seem to keep his wives alive. His first beautiful bride perishes at the hands of a nasty hot circuit breaker. He feels his luck has changed when he marries the hottie former school chum of his deceased first wife. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for high places and rickety ladders. Soon, she's splattered all over the hardwood floor. The poor guy is beside himself with grief... but keeps his wits about him long enough to enjoy some nice foot worship before the bodies cool.
Unlucky JoggerUnlucky Jogger
A lovely young woman is enjoying a jog through the woods ... until she meets up with a pair of hillbilly brothers who take an interest in her slim young body. They chase her, knock her out and explore her smooth skin. They carry her to their truck where they torment her a bit and knock her out again. She is tied, gagged and forced to treck through the forest naked, until they reach a wooden cross they have set up for just such an occasion. She is left to bake in the hot summer sun while the boys tend to some chores. When they return the next morning, they torment her some more and lead her to her final resting place. She is rolled into a shallow grave to join the other bodies the boys have planted in the forest.
Urban HarvestUrban Harvest
We've taken all of the things you like BEST about RueMorgue videos and jammed them into this action-packed epic! Beautiful young girls fall victim to the dastardly butchers of Paragon Meats, who kill them, prep them and ship them off to connoisseurs of female flesh. Among the victims are a lovely young homeless girl and an unsuspecting deep woods hiker. The victims also include the front office girl, the girlfriend of one of the hunters, a "photographer's" model, a buff bodybuilder and a buxom stranded motorist. In the thrilling conclusion, as more girls are acquired, a potential victim comes across the grisly meat packing plant. She stumbles from room to room, horrified at the sight of dangling naked female corpses robbed of their internal organs and hung up to "cure". Will she escape intact...or wind up on the dinner table?
Urban Harvest (Hunt 2003 part 1)Urban Harvest (Hunt 2003 part 1)
We've taken all of the things you like BEST about RueMorgue videos and jammed them into this action-packed epic! Beautiful young girls fall victim to the dastardly butchers of Paragon Meats, who kill them, prep them and ship them off to connoisseurs of female flesh. Among the victims in part one are a lovely young homeless girl and an unsuspecting deep woods hiker.
Looking to pick up a man at a lounge on a dare, the gorgeous Savannah is mesmerized by a vampire. He instructs her to meet him at his place, where he proceeds to work his nefarious magic. Under his spell, Savannah complies with his every wish. The vampire begins to taste the beautiful girl, starting at her bared feet and working his way gradually up her impressive body to her lovely neck. After satiating himself with the young girl's blood, her strangles her just for fun. Feet and leg lovers will really dig this one!
VampireVampire's Kiss
Two beautiful women are enjoying a night on the town in Vegas. They return to their room to partake in a little lesbo lovin', but their good time is interrupted by a horny vampire chick. She mesmerizes the terrified girls, then seduces and kills them both with her deadly fangs. As the vampire hovers over the cold bodies of her victims, the vampire hunter bursts into the room and dispatches her with a cross and a stake through the heart.
Wanted, Dead or AliveWanted, Dead or Alive
A saloon gal on the run figures nobody will find her in a sleepy one-horse-town dive. But, as she takes a break in the back room, a trigger happy lawman stumbles onto her whereabouts. The tough chick ain't gonna go quietly and, as she pulls a derringer from her garter, the lawman plugs her. After all, the poster said "Dead or Alive". Dead's easier.
War HoopWar Hoop
Two unsuspecting pioneer girls are accosted by a savage as they rest in their covered wagon. He forces the women to strip and stakes them to the ground. He ties lengths of rawhide around their necks. As the rawhide contracts, the girls begin to choke. When one of the girls attempts to break free, she is shot with an arrow. As she writhes in pain, her friend slowly strangles to death.
Washed OutWashed Out
A sleepy Tricia accidentally injests poison instead of mouthwash, which causes violent convulsions and, eventually, death. A co-worker comes to check on her when she doesn't show up for work and discovers the lovely corpse. Since Tricia's in no hurry, he takes some time to pose and photograph the body before he calls for help.
Watching ValorieWatching Valorie
The intruder watches Valorie from the shadows as she enjoys her lovely body. As she gets dressed and prepares to leave, he makes his move. He attacks Valorie and tazers her unconscious. He ties her, puts her in the trunk of his car and drives her to the deep woods. He leads her by a rope to his secret place, where he strings her up, strips her and tazers her again. Finally, he stakes her to the ground and strangles her to death with wet rawhide.
Westward Hos (parts 1 & 2)Westward Hos (parts 1 & 2)
Gun slingin' girls, lecherous injuns and a mess of hos lookin' for a better life ... They all come together in this tale of the wild and wooly west. In part 1, a handful of prostitutes on the lam decide to try their luck out west. They head out in their covered wagon with high hopes, but fortune is not on their side. Town after town turns the tainted women away. Then, things get worse when they are spotted by an indian scout. Arrows fly and two of the girls gasp their final breaths as the scout strips them bare. The other girls watch from the hill as their comrades are violated. They take revenge by shooting the scout's squaw. The remaining girls scatter. One gets caught trying to steal a horse and is chained up to await her hanging.

Meanwhile, in the dusty town of Pottopissin, the female sheriff keeps order by shooting first and not bothering to ask questions at all. One of the hos, looking to help her imprisoned friend, gets caught up in a bar shootout. She must then face the trigger happy sheriff. There's a deadly showdown in the street between the two quick drawin' dames. They both hit the dirt and their bodies are laid out for various seedy characters to gawk & fondle.

Then, only three remain from our intrepid, but ill fated, group of runaway hos. Sentenced to death as a horse thief, a beautiful busty bare breasted babe sits astride a horse as the noose is tightened around her neck. The horse is shooed out from under her and she swings in the desert breeze.

At the saloon back in town, a lovely young girl dances as patrons drink and gamble. But a stray bullet ends her performance on a bloody note. The drunken town minister comes across the cooling body and administers his own brand of last rites. One of our greedy girls tries to blackmail the preacher and gets strangled for her troubles.

The last remaining ho turns over a new leaf and heads to a monastery to try to change her life. Unfortunatley, she soon finds that evil lurks everywhere. Her life at the mission isn't what she expected and, despondent over the grisly fates of her friends, the girl slits her own wrists. It seems the ownly growth business in Pottopissin is the undertaker.
Wet DeathWet Death
A young businesswoman is stuck in a hotel. Nothing on TV, so she decides to take a relaxing shower. As she soaps her lovely body, a crazed killer silently enters the room. As she steps from the shower, her grabs her by the throat. He pins her against the shower wall and slowly strangles her to death. He then drags her corpse into the bedroom and indulges his shoe fetish for a while before leaving.
Wet Death 2Wet Death 2
A beautiful woman looks forward to a long, hot shower after a tough day. It's to be her last. While she soaps her luscious body, a mad strangler enters the shower stall and strangles her to death. He drags the soaking corpse from the room, then carries her into the deep woods to leave for the critters to enjoy.
Wet Death IVWet Death IV
A young woman is freaked out about a serial strangler stalking her neighborhood, but not enough to keep her from enjoying a solitary shower. Of course, she might as well paint a target on her chest. A showering woman is just what the strangler is looking for. He pins her against the shower tiles, lifting her by her throat as he chokes the life out of her. He dumps her naked body in a field.
Wicked Landlady 4Wicked Landlady 4
The super-sized fourth installment in our popular "Wicked Landlady" series is here! Another unsuspecting young woman rents a room from the psychotic landlady. In short order, the ladylady realizes her newest tenant is just another "dirty girl" who must be disposed of. The girl is drugged with the landlady's infamous tea. Her dimwitted henchman binds the young woman's limp body to a chair and the landlady steps in to administer her own special punishment. The girl is brutally strangled, then carried out to the shed for disposal. The corpse is dumped into a trash can and transported to the deep woods. We end the story as our landlady "identifies" the cold dead body laying on the steel medical examiner's table.
Wicked Landlady 5Wicked Landlady 5
Yet another unsuspecting young woman checks into the wicked landlady's house of horrors. As the girl learns of the strange "disappearances" of previous tenants, her dreams are haunted by visions of their deaths and premonitions about her own. She questions the landlady as she enjoys some of the house "special bacon", arousing the landlady's suspicions. Soon, it's her turn, as she is drugged, tied to a chair and strangled to death. Her corpse is hung in the cooler, to await her own conversion into a new batch of "bacon".
Wicked Landlady IIWicked Landlady II
The wicked landlady drugs her beautiful tenant and has her henchman tie the girl to a chair. The groggy victim is then verbally tormented and strangled to death. The henchman carries off the lovely corpse, stuffs her in a trash can and transports her to a walk-in freezer. There, the gorgeous dead body is hung from a winch to await the butcher's knife. The camera slowly, lovingly pans Victoria's perfect body as she hangs.
A young woman accidentally picks up the wrong bag at the airport and lands herself in the middle of a mob mess. Just as she begins to thank her lucky stars, her luck turns. The money bag had a tracking device in it and the boys have arrived to claim their property. They haul the unfortunate girl out to their killing warehouse, strip her naked and hang her. The nude corpse is carried off for disposal.
Witness ExecutionWitness Execution
Two beautiful sisters are prepared to testify against a jailed gangster, but the criminal's brother catches up to them first. He pumps the lovely young woman full of lead, drags her body to the couch, strips her and finishes the job. At that moment, the unfortunate sister arrives. She, too, is terminated, stripped and posed. Pantyhose lovers will dig this one, too!
Wrong PathWrong Path
A beautiful jogger chooses to run down ... you guessed it. The Wrong Path! She is knocked out by a crazed cannibal hillbilly girl. The unconscious jogger is stripped and bound. When she awakens, she is strangled back into unconsciousness. Upon her final awakening, she is stabbed with a hunting knife, strung up from a tree limb and her throat is slit. So, who sez jogging is good for your health?
YouYou're Pathetic
A gorgeous woman is accosted by a gun wielding ex-boyfriend as she enters a hotel room. She makes the mistake of taunting him and takes a slug in the forehead for her impudence. The ex then begins to strip the lovely corpse, pausing to pump a few more rounds in, just for good measure. The now naked body is dragged into the bathroom, where he leaves her sprawled in the tub for housekeeping to find.

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