Rainforest Studios

Dying 4 Dollars

starring: Mina Medrow, Natalie Minx, Lee Chris
length: 32:45
producer: Roadkill Studio

Assisted suicide is a booming business in a bleak overpopulated future. Young women agree to be terminated on camera - and donate their bodies for "other uses" - in exchange for hefty rewards for their surviving families. As a lovely company rep looks on, one such girl settles naked into a chair, awaiting strangulation. The asphyxiation excites her and she pleasures herself as the deed is done. The company rep has also gotten all worked up while watching the young girl's demise. She opts for a hanging death. As the first girl's corpse cools in the chair below her, the rep dangles and twitches at the end of a rope. Then, both bodies are pressed for shipping.


Dying 4 DollarsDying 4 Dollars
Dying 4 DollarsDying 4 Dollars

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