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The Question

starring: Isis, Savannah, Valorie, Katrina, Henry, Tony, Tommy
length: 43 minutes
producer: Rumspringa Films

A group of call-girls have a plan to grab their pimp's money and disappear. They're about to disappear, but not in the way they expected. The pimp hires a hitman to get his money back and dispose of the troublesome girls. He forces one of the girls to tie another one to a chair, as he begins to interrogate them to find out where they hid the money. To set the right tone, he shoots the bound girl dead. He compels one of the girls to wrap the cooling corpse in plastic, then he plugs the wrapper when she tries to run. The remaining girl gets the job of wrapping the second corpse. The hitman then forces the remaining girl to help him transport the plastic-wrapped corpses to a remote location. On the way, she calls a fourth girl, who has the money, and arranges for her to bring the money to them in order to spare their lives. Once he has the money, the hitman forces the remaining two girls to strip. One girl makes a run for it and gets plugged in the back. The last girl standing tries to make a deal, but the grave soon holds four corpses.


The QuestionThe Question
The QuestionThe Question

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