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Girl Meat

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Brooke Thomsen
Run Time: 21:05
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

A Jogger Hunting Movie

Beautiful Brooke Thomsen is about to go on her last jog. Although she knows that several women have disappeared while jogging in the Skookum Woods, it's her favorite place to jog and enjoy the flora and fauna while she runs.

A veteran hunter is waiting today, with a cocked and loaded crossbow. Brooke runs right by him. He steps out from behind a tree, takes aim and puts an arrow in her back, piercing her lung and her aorta. She doesn't take too long to die, but she dies m agnificently, after the hunter has stripped away her scanty clothing. He carries her to his hunting shack where he hoists her lovely corpse and guts her. Then, she's suspended like a beautiful little game animal for a while so the hunter can admire and examine his kill.

Finally, Brooke ends up on the grill with a roaring fire under her. She cooks to a turn as you hear the juices dripping into the fire. You can't help licking your chops at the thought of carving yourself a slice of this delicacy.


Girl MeatGirl Meat
Girl MeatGirl Meat

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