Rainforest Studios

Roommates 2004

starring:   Victoria and Savannah
length: 25 minutes

Two beautiful blonde roommates are sharing a bed. One awakens and heads for the shower as the other stretches out and goes back to sleep. They are both unaware of the killer who has entered their home. The sleeping roommate is rudely awakened by the intruder as he strangles her to death. The showering roommate enters the room, unaware that her roommate has just been murdered. As she approaches her roommates' body, the stranger leaps out from his hiding place and strangles her, too. He enjoys playing with the two voluptuous bodies for a while before leaving. Two great strangulations and two gorgeous girls make this one heaven for asphyx fans!


Roommates 2004Roommates 2004
Roommates 2004Roommates 2004

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