Rainforest Studios

Trespassers Must Die

starring: Lee, Amy, Elise, Lydia
length: 45 minutes
producer: Roadkill Studio

A couple girls decide to camp out and smoke pot in the woods. Unfortunately, there are steep penalties for trespassing on the land around these parts. The psychotic owner stalks and executes the girls. One is darted into unconsciousness as she squats to do her business. She is carried to a warehouse, shot dead with an arrow, then dumped into a ditch. The second girl is darted and strung up by her feet. She is then strangled to death and joins her friend in the ditch. A third girl comes looking for her friends and does not fare any better. She is bludgeoned and stripped, then her throat is slit. We end our story in a ditch piled with naked trespasser corpses. There's a little bit of everything in this one... arrows, darts, strangling, bondage, knives and plenty of cradle and ots carrying!


Trespassers Must DieTrespassers Must Die
Trespassers Must DieTrespassers Must Die

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