Rainforest Studios Custom Projects

Rainforest Studios facilities, actors and actresses are available for YOUR SPECIAL PROJECTS! Simply send us your plot outline as a Word document (DOC, TXT or RTF) and email it to us. We will respond to you quickly with a price quote for your project.

Custom movies start at $900. Custom photosets start at $700. We cannot give a firm quote without knowing the plot/script. For more information, please e-mail your script/plot to us for a quote on the cost of producing it for you.

Acceptance of Project: Not all requests for customs can be produced. We are a small company with limited resources. We will not accept customs which are not within our range of production capability or which we consider to be in poor taste or for which we can not find actors or actresses that are willing to do the production.

Travel surcharge for actors/actresses may apply.


Outline your plot and and special requests and email: Rainforest Studios.

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We are always looking for talented actors and actresses for our upcoming productions.

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