Rainforest Studios

Wicked Landlady 4

Starring: Lydia Banks
Time: 44 minutes

The super-sized fourth installment in our popular "Wicked Landlady" series is here! Another unsuspecting young woman rents a room from the psychotic landlady. In short order, the ladylady realizes her newest tenant is just another "dirty girl" who must be disposed of. The girl is drugged with the landlady's infamous tea. Her dimwitted henchman binds the young woman's limp body to a chair and the landlady steps in to administer her own special punishment. The girl is brutally strangled, then carried out to the shed for disposal. The corpse is dumped into a trash can and transported to the deep woods. We end the story as our landlady "identifies" the cold dead body laying on the steel medical examiner's table.


Wicked Landlady 4Wicked Landlady 4
Wicked Landlady 4Wicked Landlady 4

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