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CTOPS - Doomsday Assassination

Producer: Roadkill Studio
Cast: Hanna Perez, Belle Fatale, RyAnne Redd, Martin Chandler, Olivia Glass
Run Time: 20:56

The beautiful, but evil, women of CHAOS are plotting their revenge against the CTOPS agent who nearly destroyed their organization - and buried many of their top operatives. They send an assassin to eliminate the threat once and for all... but Agent 770 is not easily killed. He dispatches the baddies in true CTOPS fashion, plugging the assassin with a few well-placed bullets and strangling the "cleaner" with her own hair. CHAOS will not be happy about this. Having dispatched both his intended assasin and the "cleaner" sent to dispose of his remains, agent 770 now sets his sights on the new CHAOS leader who sanctioned the hit. First, he must take out her guard. It's going to be another busy day for agent 770.


CTOPS - Doomsday AssassinationCTOPS - Doomsday Assassination
CTOPS - Doomsday AssassinationCTOPS - Doomsday Assassination

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