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Necktie Killer - Tiffani

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Tiffani Adams
Run Time: 21:09
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

The community is all abuzz after the body of the latest victim of the Necktie Killer has been found. Tiffani isn't worried, however. She draws a hot bath in her jacuzzi and gets ready for a nice, relaxing soak. She has a little conversation with her friend, Stacy, chiding her about being fearful of the killer. She dozes off in the tub, only to awaken to the heavy breathing of the killer. She begs for her life, but he has no more mercy than a snake. It takes Tiffani a long time to finally die, with terminal orgasmic spasms. But, at last her corpse is floating in the tub, waiting for the CSI team to put her in a body bag for her trip to the cooler.


Necktie Killer - TiffaniNecktie Killer - Tiffani
Necktie Killer - TiffaniNecktie Killer - Tiffani

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