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Raid On Whiskey Gulch

Producer: Grey Panther Films
Cast: Savannah Costello, Natalia Chaplin, Candle Boxx, Karen Star, Tessa, Morris Baer, Martin Chandler, Tom Bolt, Henry Samuels
Run Time: 23:46

A vicious group of outlaw women plan to rob the "rich folks" of Whiskey Gulch. Well, the Whiskey Gulch residents don't have any valuables for the bandits... but they do have plenty of bullets. The lead flies as, one by one, the bad girls bite the dirt. The bullet riddled bodies are dragged off to the undertaker and peace falls once again on Whiskey Gulch. Until the next time.


Raid On Whiskey GulchRaid On Whiskey Gulch
Raid On Whiskey GulchRaid On Whiskey Gulch

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