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Night Nurse (Strangler IV)

starring: Jessica Lyon
length: 33:15
producer: Roadkill Studio

The strangler watches the nurse from the darkness of the closet as she goes about her evening routine. She showers and climbs into bed. He waits until she has fallen asleep, then creeps up to her bed. He slowly pulls the covers down, revealing her lovely sleeping form. Suddenly, his attentions awaken her. Petrified with fear, she obeys his orders to strip. He then binds her hands behind her back. Now he has her exactly where he wants her. He pulls out another length of rope and strangles her to death. He takes his time posing and playing with her limp body, before depositing her in the closet to be found after he makes his escape.


Night Nurse (Strangler IV)Night Nurse (Strangler IV)
Night Nurse (Strangler IV)Night Nurse (Strangler IV)

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