Rainforest Studios

Doctored Meat

starring: Isis and Samantha
length: 45 minutes

A mad doctor with funky shades interviews a new "patient", surreptitiously finding out that the woman lives alone with no close relatives. The patient is instructed to shower and put on a gown, in preparation for her "exam". The exam is quite thorough. Medical fetish fans will enjoy it. The doctor's nurse re-enters the picture, making one final adjustment... snapping the young woman's neck. Turns out that this lovely young patient is just more meat for the spit. Then, our murderous nurse gets a surprise when the doctor drugs her into unconsciousness. The doctor strips the nurse and binds her to a chair. When she awakens, he strangles her to death. Then, the two beautiful corpses are garnished with apples, hung up in the cooler to chill and boxed for delivery. This one is a must have!


Doctored MeatDoctored Meat
Doctored MeatDoctored Meat

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