Rainforest Studios

Robbery At Whiskey Gulch

Producer: Roadkill Studio
Cast: Traci, Samantha, Nicole Oring, Henry Samuels, Morris Baer, Buster Crawford
Run Time: 23:56

Two cowgirls saunter into the local saloon with a stack of cash and bad attitudes, annoying a local gunslinger. Things quickly turn violent, then the bullets fly... and the only person who wins in this game is the undertaker. He strips the bodies of their valuables (and their clothes), tosses the naked corpses onto his trusty horse and hauls them off to his workshop to prepare them for boot hill.


Robbery At Whiskey GulchRobbery At Whiskey Gulch
Robbery At Whiskey GulchRobbery At Whiskey Gulch

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