Rainforest Studios

Les Petit Morts

starring: Desiree Stone, Maria Shadoes
length 1hr

A beautiful girl finds herself curiously aroused by a strangulation scene in a slasher movie on TV. That night, she dreams of erotic asphyxiation. Her naked body twitches as she slowly chokes to death. Her cooling body is then examined by the coroner. She awakens to find nylons tied to the head of her bed, just as in her dream. She drifts back into unconsciousness. This time, her nightmare includes a stranger entering her room and shooting her dead. Disturbed by her violent dreams, she is unable to get back to sleep. She takes some pills to help and finally drifts off again. This time, she finds herself drowning in a tub of shallow water. As hard as she tries to lift her face above the water, she cannot move. Desiree's nightmares continue as she finds herself dangling, naked, from a hook. A mysterious figure circles her, until a blade is drawn and plunged through her helpless body. Finally, her nightmare evolves into a waking horror, as the ghastly executioner slips a noose around her neck. Desiree finally sleeps ... a dreamless, eternal sleep. The executioner carries Desiree's naked, lifeless body to a shallow grave. Her cold corpse then finishes its journey on the hard metal of the coroner's table, her death ruled an unexplained suicide.


Les Petit MortsLes Petit Morts
Les Petit MortsLes Petit Morts

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