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Westward Hos (parts 1 & 2)

Starring: Ann Thompson, Victoria Arnett, Lena Ramon, Tricia Taylor, Sasha, Valorie Keene, Maria Shadoes, Savannah and many more.
Nearly 3 hours of entertainment!

Gun slingin' girls, lecherous injuns and a mess of hos lookin' for a better life ... They all come together in this tale of the wild and wooly west. In part 1, a handful of prostitutes on the lam decide to try their luck out west. They head out in their covered wagon with high hopes, but fortune is not on their side. Town after town turns the tainted women away. Then, things get worse when they are spotted by an indian scout. Arrows fly and two of the girls gasp their final breaths as the scout strips them bare. The other girls watch from the hill as their comrades are violated. They take revenge by shooting the scout's squaw. The remaining girls scatter. One gets caught trying to steal a horse and is chained up to await her hanging.

Meanwhile, in the dusty town of Pottopissin, the female sheriff keeps order by shooting first and not bothering to ask questions at all. One of the hos, looking to help her imprisoned friend, gets caught up in a bar shootout. She must then face the trigger happy sheriff. There's a deadly showdown in the street between the two quick drawin' dames. They both hit the dirt and their bodies are laid out for various seedy characters to gawk & fondle.

Then, only three remain from our intrepid, but ill fated, group of runaway hos. Sentenced to death as a horse thief, a beautiful busty bare breasted babe sits astride a horse as the noose is tightened around her neck. The horse is shooed out from under her and she swings in the desert breeze.

At the saloon back in town, a lovely young girl dances as patrons drink and gamble. But a stray bullet ends her performance on a bloody note. The drunken town minister comes across the cooling body and administers his own brand of last rites. One of our greedy girls tries to blackmail the preacher and gets strangled for her troubles.

The last remaining ho turns over a new leaf and heads to a monastery to try to change her life. Unfortunatley, she soon finds that evil lurks everywhere. Her life at the mission isn't what she expected and, despondent over the grisly fates of her friends, the girl slits her own wrists. It seems the ownly growth business in Pottopissin is the undertaker.


Westward Hos (parts 1 & 2)Westward Hos (parts 1 & 2)
Westward Hos (parts 1 & 2)Westward Hos (parts 1 & 2)

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