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Massacre at Rocky Ridge

         Tricia, Valorie, Victoria
         Gwen, Maria, Ann, Julie
length: 1hr 20min

It's training weekend for a group of new counselors at Rocky Ridge campsite and the host counselors have a handful with this bunch. Meanwhile, a serial killer is loose and there will be hell to pay--literally, when he catches up with these lovely ladies. Blood and gore abound in this send up to classic teen-horror films. Then with the Club-Dead twist, Ranger Bob arrives to find bodies everywhere. He does a check of each victim and piles them up neatly.
(nudity, gore, blood, stabbing, lesbos)

Added footage!
Starring Paris, Lexi, and Savannah
A mysterious stranger wanders into a campground and tells the campers the chilling tale of the Massacre At Rocky Ridge. The original story unfolds as he recounts the gory events to the horrified campers. After the story has been told, they meet the same grisly fate.


Massacre at Rocky RidgeMassacre at Rocky Ridge
Massacre at Rocky RidgeMassacre at Rocky Ridge

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