Rainforest Studios

Tub Dead

Starring: Persephone, Annette, Valorie, Kitty and Lena
Time: 24:46

A vengeful girl invites all of the women who have done her wrong to a "bury the hatchet" hot tub party. As the naked women splash and joke merrily, she hands them poisoned drinks. One by one, the poisoned women convulse and die as the others look on in horror and confusion. The killer sits back and enjoys the show until the last of her enemies is belly-up. She enjoys playing with their dead bodies for a while, then takes her own life with a bullet to the chest. A short time later, the husband of one of the women discovers the steaming pool of dead girls. He drags their dripping bodies from the tub and carries them to the deck, where he stacks them up before calling the police.


Tub Dead

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