Rainforest Studios

The Audition

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Tessa Green, Chas Schmidt, Cletus Martin, Tony Gunn
Run Time: 26:50
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

She's new in town. She needs to pay the rent. There's an ad in the local paper, "Model Needed" It pays $1400 per day. She calls and arranges an audition for the job.

They have her change into a new outfit. She strips in front of them unabashedly. They tell her she's got the job and they start to walk toward the gibbet. She sees the noose and bolts, but it's too late. The drag her back to the building, strip her down to her bra and panties and drag her to the gibbet. The take her bra and tie her hands behind her. They put her on the stool. She fights every step of the way. No use. Her panties come down. They rock the stool a little to torment her. Finally, the stool is kicked out and she hangs, naked, kicking, twitching, until she is dead, her body gently twisting at the end of the rope.

It's over for her. She becomes one of the 80,000 people that go missing each year.

Time for the boys to run a new ad.


The AuditionThe Audition

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