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Rich Bitches 2 -- Final Judgment

starring:   Ashley Fire, Valorie Keene, and Ariel
length: one hour

The evil Judge Samuels uses the beautiful, but insane, campus security guard from the original "Rich Bitches" episode to help him with his dirty work as he doles out 'final justice' to two campus lovelies. The guard chloroform the first coed, strips her, ties her to a chair and bags her unconscious. When the coed's roommate shows up, the judge whacks her unconscious with the butt of his gun. Tied to another chair, the gagged roommate is forced to watch as her friend is hanged to death. The second coed is then stripped and brutally beheaded! But the guard makes a fatal mistake in trusting the judge. Her celebratory meal is drugged and she winds up tied to a chair and strangled for her troubles. This one has it ALL kids...lesbians, girls smoking, chloroform, drugging, gagging, a bagging, a long and satisfying hanging sequence, a wild beheading (Blood spurts! Watch out!), a strangling and - of course - gorgeous nearly naked victims!


Rich Bitches 2  --  Final JudgmentRich Bitches 2  --  Final Judgment
Rich Bitches 2  --  Final JudgmentRich Bitches 2  --  Final Judgment

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