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Cheerleader Jihad 2013

Producer: Roadkill and Ilarayne Productions
Cast: Ryanne Redd, Winnie DeLu, Hannah Perez, Tessa Greene, Olivia Glass, Martin Chandler, Morris Baer
RunTime: 27:51

A group of unfortunate pom-pom girls runs afoul of the murderous Cheerleader Jihadists, who are determined to wipe out the miniskirted lovelies wherever they may be found. The girls are forced to strip at gunpoint, then led to a killing area where they are ruthlessly gunned down and stacked in a corner. Their bodies are then transported by flatbed to the burial ground.


Cheerleader Jihad 2013Cheerleader Jihad 2013
Cheerleader Jihad 2013Cheerleader Jihad 2013

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