Rainforest Studios

Dangerous Game

starring: Bethany, Ann, Lydia, Candy, Victoria, Cari
length: 1 hour 5 min
Produced By: Rumspringa Films

Another girl-hunting epic from the folks who know how to do it right! A group of man hating women sharp shooters challenge Hank's hunters to a "winner take all" contest. The groups will hunt each other! The winners get the acreage and the losers ... get eaten for dinner! Both groups take to the woods and, one by one, the unfortunate girls fall to the hunters' weapons and their own tactical errors. Their cooling, naked bodies are stacked in the back of Hank's pickup truck and hauled off to the camp. Finally, the girl meat is hung, gutted and prepped for the spit.


Dangerous GameDangerous Game
Dangerous Game

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