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Urban Harvest

starring: Tricia Taylor, Kim Daniels, Veronika Lure, Sasha Miller, Tirrza Thompson, Maria Shadoes, Aimee Tyler, Savannah, Erika Kole, Ann Thompson, Cari Barrons, Hank Samuels, Ruben Lewis, Hans Tol, Kam Kraven
length 1hr 38min

We've taken all of the things you like BEST about RueMorgue videos and jammed them into this action-packed epic! Beautiful young girls fall victim to the dastardly butchers of Paragon Meats, who kill them, prep them and ship them off to connoisseurs of female flesh. Among the victims are a lovely young homeless girl and an unsuspecting deep woods hiker. The victims also include the front office girl, the girlfriend of one of the hunters, a "photographer's" model, a buff bodybuilder and a buxom stranded motorist. In the thrilling conclusion, as more girls are acquired, a potential victim comes across the grisly meat packing plant. She stumbles from room to room, horrified at the sight of dangling naked female corpses robbed of their internal organs and hung up to "cure". Will she escape intact...or wind up on the dinner table?


Urban HarvestUrban Harvest
Urban HarvestUrban Harvest

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