Rainforest Studios

Live Fast, Die Young

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Ashley Lane
Run Time: 17:00
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

Make A Beautiful Corpse

Ashley is settled in to her jacuzzi for some quality time of self pleasure and getting high. She just has a new batch of smack from her supplier. She gets a phone call from her friend Ruben, warning her that their mutual friend Samantha just died from an Overdose of heroin from the same supplier. Ashley isn't phased. She proceeds to shoot up. A few minutes into her buzz, she is aware something isn't right. Too late. Pretty soon, she's dying from pulmonary edema from the OD. After long drawn out orgasmic spasms she finally sinks back into the tub. She is a beautiful corpse indeed.


Live Fast, Die YoungLive Fast, Die Young
Live Fast, Die YoungLive Fast, Die Young

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