Rainforest Studios

Holly the Hacker

Starring: Savannah
Time: 13:17

Holly the Hacker in confident in her skills, sure that she will never be discovered. But, unknown to her, a radical anti-hacker group has already tracked her down. Their "representative" shows up unannounced at Holly's door, intent on showing her the blue screen of death! Holly attempts to use her luscious naked body to dissuade the intruder, but he answers with a bullet to her soft chest. He carries the nearly dead girl back to her computer, where he decapitates her, leaving her nude body sprawled across the computer chair and her head propped against the keyboard ... a warning to all other hackers that punishment for their conceit is swift and bloody.


Holly the HackerHolly the Hacker
Holly the HackerHolly the Hacker

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