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Smoking Out A Killer

Full Movie Length: 44:29
Producer: Rumspringa Films
Cast: Candy, Lydia, Martin, Cari, Henry, Ann, Nick, Gari, Cindy

Naked corpses wearing blond wigs are being discovered in cheap motel rooms. Forensics investigators are following the clues. A maniacal evangelist is hiring young call girls, only to strangle them to death as punishment for being "sinners". In part one, we see two young women killed by the lunatic as the investigators begin pursuing their case. Part two shows the CSI team taking their investigation to the next level. They are able to gather both biological evidence and a fingerprint (lifted from the corpse of victim #2 by using a tent and fumigating her corpse with CyanoAcrylate). We end with a young victim on the medical examiner's autopsy table as a field investigator interviews a potential witness.


Smoking Out A KillerSmoking Out A Killer
Smoking Out A KillerSmoking Out A Killer

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