Rainforest Studios

The Hunt 2001 (full feature)

starring: Marina & Synthia
length: 51 minutes
producer: Rainforest Studios

Marina is shot down, stripped and gutted by the buxom hunter, Synthia. Then, the tables are turned and Synthia gets an arrow in the back for her troubles. Both women are dumped into a frontloader and transported to a staging area, where they are hoisted into the air feet-first. Beautiful lingering shots of the girls' naked bodies twisting upside-down, excellent "dead" acting from both ladies and a wild barbecue finale will make this one the pride of your collection!

starring: Marina & Valorie
length: 48 minutes
The twin sister of an earlier victim (also played by Marina) tries her best to outlast the bow hunter...but, alas, she fails. Her dead body is carried to the handy frontloader and driven off to the processing plant. At the plant, she's hoisted up feet-first, stripped and gutted. Then, she's wrapped up neatly in plastic to prevent spoilage during shipment. Meanwhile, back in the woods, Valorie makes her "run for the money". A solid arrow strike dashes her hopes of a wealthy future...or any future at all. The hunter has his way with her as she dies. Valorie is then carried to the hoist, raised up and processed. This video is packed full of great upside-down hanging, carrying, girls who know how to stay limp and long scenes of the stuff you love best.


The Hunt 2001 (full feature)The Hunt 2001 (full feature)
The Hunt 2001 (full feature)The Hunt 2001 (full feature)

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