Rainforest Studios

Gas the Hippies

Producer: Rue Morgue 2004
Cast: Victoria Arnett, Tomiko, Paris Kennedy, Lexxi Harrison, Savannah Costello
RunTime: 29:00 (approximate)

Five beautiful environmentalist hippie girls get caught while vandalizing a military installation. They are led to a secret chamber at gunpoint, where they become the unwitting test subjects in a nerve gas experiment. The girls are tormented and forced to strip. They are then left alone in the chamber. Suddenly, the room fills with a noxious gas that causes the girl to writhe in convulsive fits as they slowly and painfully die. The camera lingers on their twisting, trembling nude bodies until they all fall still. The bodies are examined by the soldiers then, one by one, they are lifted onto tables and carried off for disposal.


Gas the HippiesGas the Hippies
Gas the HippiesGas the Hippies

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