Rainforest Studios

The Hunt 2000 (full feature)

starring: Linly, Anne, Cari
length: 1 hr

Three unfortunate women are stripped and set loose in the deep woods, to try to outrun a group of doe hunters. Of course, they don't get very far. The first, a buxom blond, is shot down and strung up to bleed out. The second girl is given a knife and a chance to defend herself. But, when knife and gun do battle, gun always wins. Her cooling corpse is carried back to camp. Great ots carries and Linly's awesome death stare highlight part one!

Part two picks up with a nice long ots carry of Linly through the woods. Focus then shifts to the third girl, who meets a stranger on a dirt road and offers "anything" for his help. After a brief roadside encounter, she is rewarded with an arrow to the back. Turns out her knight in shining armour is actually a late arriving hunter. He drapes his naked trophy across the hood of his car and proceeds to camp, where two of the girls are spit roasted for dinner and the third is stuffed for diplay in the lodge. Lots to love here...great naked ots and cradle carries, a bow shot, a roadside BJ, a very unique hood ornament, a utility trailer full of bouncing naked girl flesh, spit roasting & a human statue!


The Hunt 2000 (full feature)The Hunt 2000 (full feature)
The Hunt 2000 (full feature)The Hunt 2000 (full feature)

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