Rainforest Studios

Hanged For Trespassing

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Tiffani Adams
Run Time: 8:00
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

The Hangin' Judge, Beauregard Parker, has sentenced Tiffani to hang by the neck for trespassing. No appeals in Bushwhack County. Tiffani is led into the woods. She strips completely naked. Her hands are tied and she gets up on a stool. No time for last words. She's pushed off and kicks and jerks and spasms for nearly 6 min before the executioner finally cuts her dead, limp corpse down. A couple of final spasms induced by the drop and then she's still.


Hanged For TrespassingHanged For Trespassing
Hanged For TrespassingHanged For Trespassing

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