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Checkout Time - Better Half

Producer: Roadkill Studio
Cast: Victoria Arnett, Henry Samuels
Run Time: 14:39

A young, nearly naked, woman relaxes in her hotel room while her husband is out with friends during a reunion trip. A mysterious knock on the door causes her to investigate, allowing an unseen entity into the room. The creature violently attacks the girl. The assault causes her to be sick, spewing slimy maggots into the sink. In a panic, she attempts to call for help, but the creature isn't finished with her. As she writhes in agony on the floor with something vile growing inside her, the attack resumes. The girl is hacked in half. Her lovely pieces end up on the medical examiner's table. He realizes that this girl isn't the first to die in that evil hotel room. To be continued...


Checkout Time - Better HalfCheckout Time - Better Half
Checkout Time - Better HalfCheckout Time - Better Half

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