Rainforest Studios

The Cleaner

Cast: Mina Medrow, Anastasia Pierce, Maria Shadoes
Run Time: 43:06
Producer: Roadkill Studio

A young woman's usual massage therapist has taken an uncharacteristic "sick day". The new masseuse rubs the young woman's naked body down with soothing oil. When the totally relaxed girl least expects it, a karate chop to her exposed throat plunges her gagging into death convulsions. Once the girl has gasped her final breath, the assassin calls The Cleaner. The assassin and the cleaner wrap the girl up and haul her off to a warehouse, where her naked body is hung from the ceiling for prep before it is shipped off to cannibal clients. But, The Cleaner has one more collection to make before she is done. She zaps the assassin unconscious with a tazer, then strips and hangs her beside the other cooling body. When the assassin awakens, hanging upside down beside her previous victim, The Cleaner strangles her to finish the job. Both corpses are then prepped and stuffed into shipping containers.


The CleanerThe Cleaner
The CleanerThe Cleaner

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