Rainforest Studios

Charlie (both parts)

Starring: Meghan & Annette
length: 36 minutes

A beautiful girl decides to spend the night at home, alone, despite warnings from her mother that a mad serial killer is on the loose. She orders some delivery food, but the only thing that arrives ... is death ... in the form of the ski masked murderer. Charlie chokes the girl unconscious and strips her. He waits until she awakens, then strangles the girl to death. The killer calls the girl's mother and brags about what he has just done.

Upset by what she thinks is a prank call, the mother complains to a friend on the phone. Meanwhile, the killer has made his way to her apartment. He sneaks up behind her and strangles her unconscious with one of her nylon stockings. He drags her busty body to a couch and strangles her to death when she awakens.


Charlie (both parts)Charlie (both parts)
Charlie (both parts)Charlie (both parts)

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