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Gameshow: Love or Death (full movie)

Starring: Savannah, Paris, Tricia and Victoria
Time 1hr 13min

Tune in the newest rage on the underground game show circuit ... LOVE OR DEATH!

It's down to the final four. Two of our finalists, Savannah and Paris, play for the highest stakes. They're going for love ... but they may find DEATH! The girls compete as they strip down and try to convince the audience who is the "hottest"! Sexy Paris moves on to the finals and lovely Savannah gets "eliminated". As part of the game, Savannah gets to choose the method of her demise. She chooses strangulation with nylons. Savannah's hands are tied, she's seated and strangled to the delight of the studio audience. Paris has a smoke as she waits in the green room for the finals.

Our next two finalist are Tricia and Victoria. They eagerly participate in the Who's The Hottest competition. This time, it goes into a bonus round and a rather large sex toy is brought out. Victoria refuses to use it and is eliminated. In accordance with the rules, she gets to choose her death and she chooses to be strangled with a rope while she is ball-gagged. The executioner is more than happy to comply and she is taken away.

Now it's time for the FINALS! Our semi-final winners, Tricia and Paris, square off. Poor Paris loses and chooses to be bagged and hanged. While she is dying, Tricia gets very excited about winning and does a victory dance. Bad move. This causes the audience to re-cast their vote. Paris is cut down and saved at the last minute and Tricia now must die by beheading. In a thrilling sequence, Tricia is beheaded. Her body is dragged out and Paris gets to meet her "prize".

Paris wins the "love". She and her new fella go to the sofa for some romance. He decides to kill her with a garrote instead. The movie wraps up with a recap of the show including Tricia's headless body and all the other bodies on display.


Gameshow:  Love or Death (full movie)Gameshow:  Love or Death (full movie)
Gameshow:  Love or Death (full movie)Gameshow:  Love or Death (full movie)

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