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I, the Jury (Full Movie)

Producer: Grey Panther Films
Starring: Savannah Costello, Samantha Ford, Lacey Lane, Cletus Martin, Martin Chandler, Billy Scott, Tomiko, Hank Samuels
Length: 43:30

Detective Mike Hammer follows a trail of dead bodies as he tries to solve the murder of his best friend, who was investigating a drug and prostitution ring. A working girl who might provide clues to the mystery is the next body to drop, offed by her pimp before she can be a liability. What the pimp doesn't know is he, too, has become a liability. He joins his victim in death. The widow of Hammer's dead friend tumbles to the drug dealing and murdering of Hammer's girlfriend and, as a result, tumbles to the floor with blood flowing from two fatal bullet wounds. The evidence is adding up and Hammer finally zeroes in on the killer. He confronts his girlfriend in her apartment and, when she pulls on him, he has no choice but to put her down. Alternate scenes & out takes follow the feature.


I, the Jury (Full Movie)I, the Jury (Full Movie)
I, the Jury (Full Movie)I, the Jury (Full Movie)

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