Rainforest Studios

Fair Game - Hunting Ashley Lane

Producer: Roadkill
Cast: Ashley Lane
Run Time: 18:23
File Size: 1280x720 HD WMV

Ashley is out for a jog in the forest. A hiker stops her and warns her its dangerous to go any further. He should know. He is the predator who has killed and eaten three missing girls. Arrogant, she plans to forge on. When she kneels down to pick up a key she dropped, she is knocked out by his club. As she regains consciousness, she is nude and hanging suspended by one ankle. The predator slits her throat with a large K-Bar knife. Ashley flops and jerks and spasms, all of which are shown from multiple angles until she has finally bleeds out and hangs still. The predator picks her up and carries her over his shoulder to his BBQ pit where he smokes her beautiful carcass on the grill. She is seen on the grill from every revealing point of view.


Fair Game - Hunting Ashley LaneFair Game - Hunting Ashley Lane
Fair Game - Hunting Ashley LaneFair Game - Hunting Ashley Lane

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