Rainforest Studios


starring: Nick, Candy, Bethany, Lydia, Victoria, Desiree, Tomiko, Martin, Cari
length: 1hr 10min
producer: Rainforest Studios

At the end of the 18th century, a boatload of mail order brides bound from San Francisco to Australia shipwrecked on an uncharted island. Their descendants have survived as amazons and have multiplied over the century. Over 100 years later a group of American sailors are shipwrecked in a storm and wash up on the shore of that island.

The amazons have split into two tribes, one peaceful, loving and gentle; the other cruel, heartless, and cannibalistic. After one of the female sailors is killed, butchered and roasted by the cannibals, one of the other survivors reports the horrific scene and an battle to rid the island of the evil tribe is planned. Amazons and cannibals alike drop like flies in the fierce fighting. In the aftermath of the battle, the nude to nearly nude bodies of those killed are strewn about the battlefield. One sailor and three of the women survive to re-populate the island.



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