Rainforest Studios

Execution at Dawn - Chapter V

Producer: Roadkill Studio
Cast: RyAnne Rhodes, Ada Johnson, Dick Danger,
Ruben Lewis, Henry Samuels
Run Time: 30:53

The San Pablo military police are tracking down the few remaining members of the political opposition. Their investigation of the executed prison doctor has led them to more high ranking rebel sympathizers. Three more executions are scheduled. The male prisoner and his wife enjoy one final romp on a prison cot after the other female prisoner is removed to spend her final night alone. The next morning, the three condemned prisoners are stripped and tied to posts. The firing squad does its job and soon three bullet riddled corpses are sprawled on the ground. The bodies are then dragged off for burial.


Execution at Dawn - Chapter VExecution at Dawn - Chapter V
Execution at Dawn - Chapter VExecution at Dawn - Chapter V

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