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Quick Draw Poker

Producer: Grey Panther Films
Cast: Samantha Ford, Savannah Costello, Solara Silque, RyAnne Rhodes, Lacey Lane, Felicity Meadows
Run Time: Full Movie: 1hr 7min

Life in 1873 Whiskey Gulch was tough... and often short, if you happen to be a lovely lady. As our story opens, a couple of hands from the QX ranch come across a trio of beautiful cowgirls... and one of their stolen horses. One of the girls draws down on the men and catches some hot lead for her efforts. Her limp body is draped across the stolen horse and she and her cohorts are walked into town to face justice. A blood thirsty crowd gathers as the remaining two girls swing by their necks. But that's not all the blood that will be spilled that day in the rough and tumble town. After the bodies of the horse thieves are buried, the local saloon hosts an "after-party". As the ranch hands and town men enjoy the booze and local ladies, a card fight breaks out and lead flies again... managing to hit every girl in the joint. Just another day in Whiskey Gulch. Nothing left to do but clean up the bodies and advertise for more women.


Quick Draw PokerQuick Draw Poker
Quick Draw PokerQuick Draw Poker

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