Rainforest Studios

The Hunt 2005

starring:   Persephone, Lena, Meghan, Kitty, Annette, Valorie
length: 1hr 22min

A whopping feature-length story jammed full of the gory female hunting action that is a RueMorgue fan favorite!
Another group of beautiful, but hapless, environmentalists fall prey to the hunters from Hank's Meats. One by one they are felled by rifle, arrow, rope and kife. Their cooling bodies are hung side by side and prepped for the freezer. Ultimately, they are headed for the roasting spit.
See the horror on the faces of the girls when they encounter the Wall of Trophy Heads!
Marvel at the naked hood ornament gleaming in the sun!
Watch the lovely stripped bodies swing slowly in the forest breeze!
Nobody hunts like RueMorgue! Enjoy!


The Hunt 2005The Hunt 2005
The Hunt 2005The Hunt 2005

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