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Deck Party Massacre

starring: Cari, Lydia, Bethany, Ann, Candy and Victoria
length 39:43
Producer: RumSpringa Films

A mob boss has had enough of his over-spending wife and her leaching friends. He dispatches two of his hit men to eliminate the problem. The girls are caught by surprise on the deck, in the hot tub and even in each other's arms. One by one, they are gunned down. Blood flows across the deck of the expensive lakeside mansion and turns the hot tub water red as the society girls gasp their final breaths. Finally, the wife is taken for a ride into the deep woods, where she is garroted, stripped and left to be "missed" later by the grieving husband. Some wild shootings in this one!


Deck Party MassacreDeck Party Massacre
Deck Party MassacreDeck Party Massacre

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