Rainforest Studios

Deadly Darts

starring: Linly, Jack
length: 17:47
producer: Ruemorgue Entertainment

All the nearly naked young woman needs to do is elude the hunter for one hour. Although given a head-start, he soon catches up with her. One by one, the drug-tipped darts slam into the soft flesh of her exposed ass cheek. With each hit, she slows down more, as the drug surges through her system. Finally, she lays unconscious at the hunter's feet. He carries her to a convenient spot and begins to enjoy the rewards of his catch. Now stripped naked, she awakens and makes a run for it. Another dart pierces her flesh as she attempts to climb a tree to evade the hunter's grasp. But, as the drug knocks her out once more, she plummets to the ground, breaking her neck. Not wanting to waste his catch, he strings her up and guts her in preparation for that night's dinner.


Deadly DartsDeadly Darts
Deadly DartsDeadly Darts

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