Rainforest Studios

The Hunt 2002

starring: Tricia, Julie, Valorie, Ann, Maria, Victoria
Part One: length: 59 min
Part Two: 56 min

The hunt is on! Lovely young ladies try to hide from cannibalistic game hunters, vying for a big money prize. Needless to say, the prize money will stay safely in the bank, as one-by-one the girls find out it's not easy being a doe. Detours are taken to dispose of a beautiful blackmailer and enjoy a nice barbecue. Hangings, guttings, gunshots, spit-roasting... you're gonna LOVE IT!

The hunt continues as young women fall victim to cannibalistic hunters by way of arrows, bullets, a blow to the head, even a poison dart. This video is packed with great stuff, including realistic throat-cutting, one-legged hangings, two straight-up-the-center impalings and spit-roastings that are sure to make this a favorite in your collection!


The Hunt 2002The Hunt 2002
The Hunt 2002The Hunt 2002

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