Rainforest Studios

Eastside Strangler

Producer: RueMorgue Entertainment
Cast: Alex Foxe, Henry Samuels
Run Time: 27:09

A beautiful woman watches a news report warning of a dangerous strangler on the loose, but the warning comes too late for her. The strangler has already cleverly hidden himself inside her room. He chloroforms the unfortunate girl, then positions her limp body for the big finale. He slips nylon stockings onto her smooth legs, then wraps one around her soft throat. When she awakens, he torments her into begging for her life by choking her into unconsciousness several times. Of course, the intruder has no intention of heeding her pleas. He positions her corpse and snaps a few photos to remember her by.


Eastside StranglerEastside Strangler
Eastside StranglerEastside Strangler

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