Rainforest Studios

Final Performance

starring: Victoria, Stella, Jessica, Tom, Henry
length 32:04
producer: Roadkill Studios

A beautiful blackmailer thinks she's made a big score, but her celebration is cut short by the arrival of a buxom hitwoman who pumps the girl full of lead. As the hitwoman wraps up her assignment, her boss hitman shows up. He points out the mistakes she has made, then punishes her with several slugs to her ample chest. A female cleaner is called in to halp clear the scene and dispose of the bodies. The cleaner and the hitman transport the naked plastic wrapped corpses to a remote location and drag the bodies to a clearing to leave them for the scavengers. Unfortunately, the cleaner gets on the hitman's nerves as they work together and he decides to silence her with a garrotte. After strangling the cleaner to death, he carries her body to his car, places her in the trunk, strips her naked and drives off. Cut to the morgue, where the bodies of the hitwoman and blackmailer are examined for evidence.


Final PerformanceFinal Performance
Final PerformanceFinal Performance

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