Rainforest Studios

One Bad Turn

Producer: Grey Panther Films
Cast: Natalia Chapman, Candle Boxx, Mallory Page, RyAnne Rhodes, Ada Johnson, Mark Christensen, Morris Baer, Wednesday Harrington
Run Times -- Part 1: 23min Part 2: 20min -- Total 43min

A van load of cheerleaders gets lost on the way to camp. They wander aimlessly along back roads into places where they shouldn't be. Eventually, they run out of gas. Stranded, three of the girls decide to walk for help while the other two stay with the vehicle. Thinking they've finally caught a break, the girls are thrilled when a backwoods family offers to help. But first they'd be mighty pleased to have the girls in for dinner... as the meat course. The terrified girls are forced to strip. Then, they are placed on the chopping block and their lovely heads roll into the grass. One girl escapes, but not for long. When one of her friends comes looking for them, she meets a similar grisly fate after stumbling across the shed where her friends' body parts are hanging from hooks.


One Bad TurnOne Bad Turn
One Bad TurnOne Bad Turn

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