Rainforest Studios

Wicked Landlady 5

Producer: Roadkill Studio
Cast: Elise Graves, Jessica Lyons, Agatha Lacey
Run Time: 1 hour 5 min (approx)

Yet another unsuspecting young woman checks into the wicked landlady's house of horrors. As the girl learns of the strange "disappearances" of previous tenants, her dreams are haunted by visions of their deaths and premonitions about her own. She questions the landlady as she enjoys some of the house "special bacon", arousing the landlady's suspicions. Soon, it's her turn, as she is drugged, tied to a chair and strangled to death. Her corpse is hung in the cooler, to await her own conversion into a new batch of "bacon".


Wicked Landlady 5Wicked Landlady 5
Wicked Landlady 5Wicked Landlady 5

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