Rainforest Studios

Unlucky Jogger

Starring: Anaya
Time: 29 minutes

A lovely young woman is enjoying a jog through the woods ... until she meets up with a pair of hillbilly brothers who take an interest in her slim young body. They chase her, knock her out and explore her smooth skin. They carry her to their truck where they torment her a bit and knock her out again. She is tied, gagged and forced to treck through the forest naked, until they reach a wooden cross they have set up for just such an occasion. She is left to bake in the hot summer sun while the boys tend to some chores. When they return the next morning, they torment her some more and lead her to her final resting place. She is rolled into a shallow grave to join the other bodies the boys have planted in the forest.


Unlucky JoggerUnlucky Jogger
Unlucky JoggerUnlucky Jogger

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