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Strangler VII - Felicity

Cast: Felicity Meadows
Producer: Roadkill
Run Time: 27:47

A scantily clad woman, lounging at home, discusses a rash of brutal stranglings near her home with a friend on the phone. She thinks she is safely locked inside her home, but she is soon added to the growing list of victims. The strangler has found his way inside her house. He grabs her from behind and chokes her unconscious. He strips her limp body and she awakens to find her own stocking pulled tightly around her throat. She thrashes and bucks as the strangler applies pressure. He enjoys her fresh corpse for a bit, before heading off to find his next victim.


Strangler VII - FelicityStrangler VII - Felicity
Strangler VII - FelicityStrangler VII - Felicity

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