Rainforest Studios

Cleaner 2

Producer: Roadkill Studio
Cast: Maria Shadoes, Candle Boxx, Mallory Page,
Lee Chris, Henry Samuels
Run Time: 36 min

Women just refuse to learn that it is not a good idea to double-cross Mr. Puglio. As Maria, The Cleaner, guts & cleans Puglio's cheating "ex"-girlfriend, plans are already underway to dispose of another threat to Puglio's crime enterprise. His private secretary. As the beautiful traitor gloats to herself over the incriminating evidence she has accumulated, Puglio's executioner sneaks up behind her and draws the garotte tightly around her lovely neck. After the struggles of the brutal strangling subside, The Cleaner is ready to claim another prize for her customers who enjoy the taste of fresh girl meat. Unfortunately, The Cleaner's business is about to hit a bad patch. Puglio has decided to take the cleaning business for himself. As The Cleaner preps the fresh body, she is tazered unconscious and strung up by one leg. Her throat is slit and she is left to dangle and bleed out. Now, it is The Cleaner's turn to be "cleaned".


Cleaner 2Cleaner 2
Cleaner 2Cleaner 2

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